Obama reasoning on Wall Street Reform:

” … we also have basic rules of the road in place to make sure that investors, consumers, shareholders, the economy as a whole are protected against excess. Are protected against wild gambles that are taken– purely– because it’s– it’s good for some body’s– year-end bonus. As opposed to because there’s some economic function that actually– contributes to society as a whole.”

I love the way this guy speaks, he’s like a black William Shatner!  ” We’ve — got to — reform — Wall Street before — the rich get — any — richer — and they make — too much ——— profit for thier — hard work and ——- knowledge of the market ”  This radical socialist president WILL NOT STOP until the whole country is controlled by the Government, and folks – It scares the hell out of me.  What if we get so far in that no one can save the simple Liberties of the American people, and if you think this is not serious, think again.

So far he’s got banks, auto makers, health care, insurance companies, and now he’s going after the free market trading of Wall Street.  I think Neal Boortz says it best:

Don’t you just love the use of the word “excess”? Who gets to decide what is excessive? Apparently Barack Obama feels that it is the role of the government – or some newly created government agency – to determine what is considered “excess.” Also, since when was it written into law that your earnings must “contribute to society as a whole”? Can you imagine what would happen to our economic system if every financial transaction was judged – or perhaps regulated – on whether or not it contributed to society as a whole? You do realize that this “society as a whole” noise is collectivist nonsense, don’t you? I engage in an economic transaction – or “function” as Obama calls it, to get something that I want, not to contribute to society.

When we earn money, be it from stocks of just plain old working your ass off to make ends meet, every cent you earn contributes to society – and its really revolutionary – when you purchase something, anything, part of that money goes to the product or service, and part of it goes to the merchant, who in turn spends that money on something else.  If this confuses you, then you must be one of those blind sheep that is being led to your ultimate financial, and social demise by a man that you voted for because he had nice things to say, or the promises he made.  Well guess what, I’ve got on record that at least 10 (ten) of his campaign promises have been broken, smashed to smithereens, and this joke of a president has only been in office one year.  Hell, I guess he is an over achiever, it takes most bad presidents at least 2 (two) years to break that many.

h/t    Neal Boortz - At least there are still some people like us here at Registered Evil who dare to speak their mind.


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April 22nd, 2010 at 12:49

Personally I liked David Weidners take