A lot can happen in a year….

It seems like yesterday…….. I was fresh out of the rehab center, living with a fellow recovering addict in an apartment in Cartersville, Ga.  Not long after that, my girlfriend and I moved in together. 

In just one years time, we have gotten married (one of the happiest days of my life), I have been promoted in the corporation that I work at (making us very much financially independent), we have a 4 month old baby boy (another of the happiest days in my life), and finally, to close the book on the first chapter of our life:  we have moved from our 2 bedroom apartment into a much larger house. 


Gavin - about 3 months old.

It was a bit sad to move from the place that started our new life together, but at the same time it opened up so much opportunity, and growth for our family.  Gavin is such a good baby, and he will no doubt thrive in his new environment.  We plan to be there at least 3 years, and we have an enormous yard for him to play in. 

Gavin - 4 months old - he fell asleep playing on his mat.

Gavin - 4 months old - he fell asleep playing on his mat.

We have been truly blessed….. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect life than we have now, and I thank God every day for giving me the strength to go on after so much adversity in my life.  I wake up every day next to my beautiful wife, and go see my sleeping baby in the next room, and I can’t help but know that everything will be alright.


To those of you out there that struggle with drug/alcohol abuse, I tell you this as the worst kind of both:  There is hope, don’t give up, no matter how bad you think your life is, I promise you, mine was as bad, and in most cases, very much worse.  Keep your head up, and only look forward.  Life is a great adventure, choose the right path, and good things are bound to happen, I’m living proof……





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