/sigh I love my mother.  Nevertheless,  she has no concept of Email etiquette
My Mother in law has myself and my mother on her E-mail chain list. Its a conversation to itself how many I delete, nonetheless we are both on it.
However, every time my MIL sends an E-mail invariably my mother will forward me the exact same E-mail within minutes So instead of getting just one crappy chain E-mail I get two.

Which means instead of 12 a day I get 24

Take it a step further
My step mother is also on this E-mail chain list

And she too invariably sends me the same e-mail.  So I end up getting it three times

I have broached it to my mother and step mother to please look and see who it was sent too

For a while that worked.

Until my Mother in Law created a E-mail Distribution list so now in the “To:” Area it just says “My Distro List” Or it says “Undisclosed reciepents”

That is my favorite one.

It means I may get forwarded the E-mail from my mother, step mother, wife and all 3 of my wife’s sisters.

My Current In Box size in my Outlook? 2,973.

I would delete them but I live in fear of one my mothers asking me to forward them what they sent or asking me to reply to an E-mail that I no longer have.

Solutions are slim. I could ask my mothers to stop sending me E-mail. In each case it will cause devastation and pain as if I had threatened to eat my first born live on Springer in front of a live studio audience

In the case of my mother in law it also means I will piss off my wife. That is absolutely not an option.

I could opt to kill all my E-mail accounts which means I will be pressured in to reactivate them. due to guilt of being I told I do not love my mothers and mother in law. Same argument as above applies. So that is out as well.
Or I could just jump off a cliff.

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1   Sine Nomine    
May 21st, 2010 at 08:51

Set up gmail accounts mom1 mom2 etc for each of them to SEND to you. Explaining that you do not want to read any mail intended for your
wife by mistake!!! Then these mails are NOT on your computer at all.

2   Bloodspite    http://www.registeredevil.com
May 21st, 2010 at 14:22

Thats a unique idea lol