Tears in the Rain…

Another from the Techo Archives:I wrote this way back in October of 2004. At the time it was one of Techography‘s most popular post, and was for over a year. I’m placing it here for your enjoyment. While written over four years ago, I find, after rereading it, that the words are still very applicable.  I hope you do, too. Enjoy! -BS

Have you ever seen the movie Bladerunner?

“I”ve seen things you people wouldn”t believe.
Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.
I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhauser gate.
All those moments will be lost in time….
……Like tears in rain. Time to die”
Roy Batty/Rutger Hauer

Such is my train of thought for the upcoming elections.

Which society do you choose?’, ‘

I am considered to be part of Generation X. However I have no tattoo’s, I do not wear baggie pants or a goatee. I don’t sip coffee in shops and speak of Free Speech, Anarchy or Revolution.

I am a child of the Cold War, I grew up knowing of the Red Threat. I remember when there was a East Berlin and a West Germany. I remember President Reagen demanding the wall be torn down. I watched it on TV at my Aunts house because we didn’t have one. We did Bomb drills in my Elementary school while stationed in Virginia.

My father served his country for 27 years in the US Navy. Before age 12 I had been on the front page of the Washington Post 3 times already because of a medical problem he sustained on Active Duty. For 2 years he fought to remain on Active Duty.

He Won.

\rFor a brief period of my life I lived with out electricity, no running water. We would get water from a spring that came up from the ground in front of the shack we called home. We had just moved to Georgia then. We lived in this manner for over a year. Our bathroom was as big as all outdoors, if you get my meaning.

In 1990 My mom divorced my dad. I then became the child of a single mother on one income. I went to work to help pay the bills at age 14. I worked at the local farms to help pay the rent.

\rWhen I graduated High School, I had no idea where I wanted to go. I had taken a system called Post Secondary Option, which allowed me, under Georgia Law to go to both college and High School my junior and senior years. So here I was a mildly educated young man and no idea what his future held.

By the time I graduated High School I had already worked professional construction, been a security guard, worked as a Bar back in 3 bars, built boat docks on Allatoona Lake, and had been told by my High School Counselor in front of my parents “That He isn’t worth anything and will never amount to anything”. This was due to my concentrating on life versus my studies.

Why do I mention all this?

I joined the Army during this time. I had new clothes, new boots, 3 meals a day and a paying job. Life was good. I started in Reserves and I volunteered for Active Duty

I had made something of my self. I was elated.

During this time, the Wall was torn down. The Soviet Union Collapsed. China was besieged with Tienanmen Square. I watched the shuttle Challenger explode in Elementary school. I visited my father in Spain. The Gulf War was over and we had a Draft Dodger in the Oval Office.

I served under that man. I dealt with the lack of funds, the poor moral and the asinine “Don”t ask don”t tell” policy that extended to much further than just sexual preference. I traveled the world. I went to Bahrain, Kosovo and Africa.

After the Army I traveled the US building Base Transceiver Stations (BTS) or Cell Sites. I went to many states, knowing my friends at home would never see the beauty in our country I saw. I took pictures to share with them. And to show my children when they grew old enough.

Later in my life I crawled through the rubble of Two Towers, who, when I was 8 years old my Father had driven by, on our way to his Duty Station of Bangor Maine, when we were transferred from Jacksonville, FL. I remember him telling me how tall the towers were.

The next time I saw them, they were much, much smaller.

When I left Georgia to report for duty in Washington State I drove cross country via Interstate 40. I stayed for free at a Hotel a man and his wife owned. He wouldn’t charge me because he was a WWII Veteran.

What other country allows one to do, as I did? Rise from a dirt background to a honest job, to speak your mind, or even write words such as these for all to see?


We, as a race see many things in our life that our children will never see. But in their time we must remember that they too, will see changes.

What those changes are, will be decided not only by our actions, but by our stances we choose, and the votes we place on our elected officials in November.

It is easy to cast responsibility to someone else. To say it is up to our government. It is up to our leaders. it is up to our neighbors. It is not my job.

We delude ourselves with that thought.

If your child is not receiving a good education it is your place to find a way to correct it. If you do not have a job you need to go look for it. The Bill of Rights give you the right to the pursuit of happiness. It does not gaurantee you the right to own a big screen TV or a BMW. None of these are the governments responsibility, and to think so is merely an admission of a failing your part. In other words: laziness.

The term delinquent applies not to just children, but to the Adults. It is not the government who puts sex on your cable channel. It is adults who make the movie and promote it. It wasn’t the government who made the latest rap album that talks of killing cops and raping women. It was an adult who wrote the song and published it.

We stand and we rail in the dust and in the mean we, as conservatives, act in our conservative fashion speaking to each other and acting little.

The time for Action is now. Your way of life is threatened. Look around you. Look to the future. Listen carefully to what is presented in the coming days and weeks.

The time to stand tall is now. There will never be another today. There will never be another change to change the future of our world. You will never have another chance to exercise that right that I and others fought for you to use.

Use the power of your vote. Walk to the ballot lines and stand tall. Do not falter.

Otherwise when that day comes, with you having done nothing when your chance came to make your mark upon the world and change the country; to mold it to your children and grand childrens’ needs:

All will be lost, and will vanish quietly.

Like Tears in the Rain.

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