Illegal Immigrants protesting in Arizona

Illegal Immigrants protesting in Arizona

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to welcome you to the new American Caste System!

Funded by our tax dollars, our soldiers blood and fueled by a leadership class who looks down its noses at our wishes, desires, and ideology.

Fear for your families safety? The Administration does not care.

Fear for your country? The Administration does not care.

Fear for your rights? The Administration does not care.

Fear for our countries Economics? The Administration does not care.

Fear of our countries debt, for your children’s sake? The Administration does not care.

Fear for the laws that you, by Constitutional right have passed, along with your fellow citizens?

The Administration does. Not. Care.

You see, it has become a war my friends. A war not of bullets, of mortars, or guns, or even of words.

But of votes.

How you ask? Read On

The current leadership knows they have fornicated the canine.

Nancy Pelosi...about 250 million years ago....

Nancy Pelosi...about 250 million years ago....

They rammed a Healthcare bill down our throats with misleading headlines, silver tongued promises and words of honey that have since turned to vinegar. Even their own Budget Office is increasing the cost, while the Administration performs similar to that of a small child with their fingers in their ears to block it out while singing “La la la lalala!”

Never mind voters anger. Never mind representation of the people. It’s all in your mind you under stand?  For speaking your mind, you will be decorated, labeled, postured as something you know that you are not, but because you are wrong. Just ask them. They’ll tell you.

They have been grossly negligent in the worst environmental crisis in our history. To the point that even other countries see it.  Charades they call it.

Our Corporations, Businesses and Capitals of Industry are looking for other countries to go, cutting jobs like mad while this Administration continues to hound them.

The American people are jobless. Yet this Administration has put its priority on people whom are not even citizens of this country. Giving criminals whom are not citizens training, computer classes and education all at our expense.

All of this has angered the American voters, on both sides of the aisles. Some of us are beyond anger. I, myself, am furious.

Our Leadership caste knows this. They know they are in danger of losing their precious non Healthcare Bill covered, tax payer funded jobs. So they pass legislation anyway.

What to do?

Answer: Inject 12 million voters in to the system who love them.  This isn’t new.  They have a historical precedence here.

Image courtesy of <A HREF=However with a Democratic President, they can bypass the entire Congressional system and create amnesty by fiat of Presidential Order.

We are the little people, you must understand.

Obviously we are too stupid to run our own lives. We can not be entrusted to make decisions of our own, such as saving for our retirement, buying a house, or choosing our healthcare provider.

We must be directed, shown, led and given explicit instruction, for our way of thought, of reason, is wrong.

Or are we?

Are we so misguided, so delusional that we will allow this to happen? To take place?

A prediction if you will.

If President Obama signs amnesty via Presidential Order, there will be backlash.

The citizens of this country are growing tired of being stepping stones.

We will become 1960’s Ireland and 1940’s India in less than seven days of that event. I truly believe that.

Secession will no longer be a merely a theory, or a thought between political allies over a cold beer. It could become a reality.

This nation is under attack from enemies of a domestic nature. The Constitution of our country, the people who live under it, our very nation is beseiged currently.

Am I condoning or calling for violence?

No. Not at all. Violence is always a last effort, when all routes of diplomacy have failed.

I am, however, calling for the American people to act.

They are ignoring us. We are beneath them. They have proven it in their actions, their words and their speeches.

At some point we will reach a point of a breaking wave, a point of no return if you will.

A point where our populace tires of being second class citizens, in our own country.

The only question is, how long will that be?

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