So it starts

The other day  I mentioned the ideology of a caste system being replicated in America.

Apparently I’m not the only one who noticed.

See for yourself…

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4 Responses to “So it starts”

  • Johnny Allen:

    You could replace “Obama” with “Bush Sr.,” “Clinton,” or “George W” and no one would be able to tell the difference. Or is that the point? I wasn’t too clear on the wording at the beginning.

  • I think the Point Muir was making was the actions themselves, such as the laws and other indemnifying procedures that have taken place create a feeling of separation between those elected and those represented.

  • Johnny Allen:

    That makes sense. However, a lot of that is pretty ironic. A lot of that can easily be applied to, say, Dubya, especially the parts about sending the country into debt and alienating foreign countries. Was this person saying the same things during his administration?

    The whole thing reeks of over-dramatic fear-mongering a la Glen Beck. It’s just getting cliche’. I’m amazed there was no Hitler reference snuck in there for good measure.

  • Aye, he fired shots across the bow of Bush as well. Although personally it seem/s this administration has spent lightyears more money in less time. But I digress. I concur regarding a la Beck. I have never paid attention to talking head ( I listen to NPR mostly in fact) I find them to be irrational fear mongers who prefer ratings to logical egress. That said I would be remiss in full disclosure if I did not say the current administration…let us say…worries…me.

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Radio Intercepts

This election has gone completely off the friggin rails. I've resigned myself to Hillary being elected and my voting for Mickey mouse

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    Prior to the storms this past week Taken on my way to work


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    The La Gloria Series N Great smoke


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    Steampunk Girl

    Let’s class up the place a bit shall we? Steam punk ladies have always held a special place in my heart. I think because of instead of frail, fragile creatures steam punk fiction ensconces smart, strong, inventive, and independent women (Such as Polly Perkins from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Mina Murray League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or Evelina Cooper, A study in Silks) I think for guys, or at least guys who think, its an attractive and alluring mix. Classy without being trashy, more vixen instead of vamp. A tease of what could be, what may be and what would be, but she just may kick the hell out of you for making a move but kiss you to make up for it later.


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