I’ve been rather remiss in posting this.

As a child I used to often hear horror stories of the VA Hospital in Atlanta. It was often referred to as “The Butcher Shop”. I won’t lie and say that I know the reasons why, I was too young. However the image it portrayed to me was indelible and has stuck with me for many years.

I do not understand this push for government run healthcare.

Who runs Medicare? The Government.

Who runs Medicaid? The Government.

Who runs the VA Hospital System? The Government.

Do any of these system work? Not worth a damn, and the bureaucratic nonsense is sometimes outright unbelievable.

An excellent example.

While working in Little Rock, I injured my back. Easy to do after several years of military parachuting.  A good friend drove me to the VA Hospital in Little Rock because I physically could not move. He took me to the ER.

Was I seen immediately? No.

Was I placed in a waiting room to be seen? No.

I ended up being wheel chaired by my friend, across the length of the hospital to the Admissions office, where I then had to submit my ID. Then we went to another location where I then spent the next 45 minutes attempting to fill out multiple documents. Then I had to wait another 45 minutes while they proved that I was indeed who I was and that i was in the VA system.

Is all of this because I was not a member of the VA? Not at all. I have been seen regularly by the VA Hospital in Fayetteville for over four years.

It was because I had never been seen at that VA Hospital.

Three hours later I was allowed to go back to the ER and only then could I enter the waiting line to be seen.

This is an example of government ran health care.

This is what people are saying they want, because in essence they are lazy.

Why work for something, when you can beg for it so much easier? Why attempt to better yourself when it is so much simpler to sit on your couch and complain about it all?

Ireland is looking better all the time.

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1   Graumagus    http://frizzensparks.org
October 26th, 2009 at 10:29

The thing that honestly makes my fist twitch with the urge to cave in someone’s skull is all the people I personally talk to who have stories such as that one or worse (A friend of mine has a brother who has been declared DEAD by the VA system twice now) and then they turn around and use their horror stories of dealing with government run healthcare as an example of why we need MORE government run healthcare…

The logical disconnect goes way beyond lazy right into fucking insane.

2   Bloodspite    
October 29th, 2009 at 07:50

I’m with you man. It’s like the whole Firestone debacle. Firestone makes shitty tires. Explorers start flipping. Suddenly it’s Fords fault because they bought the same tire they had been buying for like 15 years. It’s this kind of logic that makes people sue McDonald’s for being fat while they stuff Double cheeseburgers with their spare hand