My Little Girl…..not so little anymore

She starts school on August the 16th.

Critters first Rodeo

It seems like only months since I wrote the post at Techo welcoming her to this world. Weeks since Tammi sent us a blanket made by she and her mother (she still sleeps with it). Days since she traveled with me to zoo after zoo across four states.

Critter and I at the Harvey House Diner, Union Station, Kansas City

My how time flies.
I’ve done everything I can to let her be a kid, much to the chagrin of some of my relatives. My viewpoint is she will spend the next 70 years of her life, working, paying taxes, and being part of a rat race. I wanted her to have as much fun, and enjoy as many things as I could while she was young.

Critter and Blood6 at the "Dinosaurs Unearthed" Exhibit, Kansas City MO 2008

She’s been to the Kansas City Zoo, Memphis Zoo, Nashville, Zoo, Tulsa Zoo, Tulsa Aquarium, all in the span of weeks. She’s been to the Casey Jones museum and ran the whistle and bell of an identical train. I’ve taken her to mountains, farms, plains, the only place she has yet to see is the sea. I hope to correct that soon.

Critter face to face with the Lions. Memphis Zoo, Memphis, TN 2009

I’ve done what I can. I hope she looks back on her childhood as happy years. I’ll continue doing everything I can. i don’t want her turning in to one of these depressed kids thinking their environment is a rat trap, something they can’t escape. much as I felt when i left Cartersville in 1996. That she’s part of some endless cycle that can’t be broken. I want her to see the world as her play ground. Somewhere to adventure, explore, enjoy, savor, and relish every day.

Critter, age 1, with Pink her bunny. First night in our new house

Will I be successful? I think that is something every parent strives for. My generation has sat in the middle I have always thought. We experienced both black and white as well as color television. From 8mm home made movies to DVD’s and Blue -Rays. The changes we’ve seen have been immense. We’re old enough to know of the 70’s and young enough to not have lived them. We grew up knowing hard times of recession, the Cold War, and our parents were in Vietnam, Korea, and our Grandparents survived World War II, and the Depression.

Critters 2nd Birthday

What stories will she listen too? What memories will she take away from her generation? She already doesn’t have the Irish lilt that predominates my family when we get royally angry. Her accent is decidedly southern, something my in-laws never fail to harass my wife regarding.

2nd Birthday

I have these thoughts and realize it is on me. On me to tell her of her great grandfather and his struggle in New Georgia. To pass the tale’s of The Finnians and of the Morrigan. It will fall to me to tell her of the changes before her time. I only regret she will not experience the closeness of family as I did, growing up with my cousins. Her clan with be her mother and I. That I will regret.

I will strive to have no further ones. To be the best I can be. To show her nothing is impossible through strength of mind, character and will. That all things can be overcome, no matter how difficult it may seem, or how pressured those around her may become. I will do more than merely sit on the couch and tell her, I will lead by example. For I have lived enough to fill a dozen lifetimes with places, and adventures, it seems.

And pray with all my might, that I inspire her enough to follow, and not live like I have lived.
For I think it is the desire of all parents to see their children be better than themselves.

I live for days like these

And to forever wish for many more days like those gone by, when our children were small, innocent, and always laughed.

Just as their ancestors laugh with them in our minds and in our hearts.

Their laughter, their smiles, those grinning impish faces will follow and sustain us for the rest of our days just as ours did our parents and grandparents.

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