The Lime Light illuminates….and whats this in its path?   Another friggin UGA player, doing something stupid!

Can someone please tell ALL UGA players that even if you are a 3rd string relief player, that will never set foot on field during a regular season game, you are in the eyesight of the media!!

The other similarity led us to Mario Kart. All things lead to Mario Kart eventually, but this particular one stemmed from thinking of Wa-shaun as the evil, mustachioed version of Know-shon, a kind of Wario to Moreno’s Mario. It makes little sense, and writing that out makes it look even more absurd. It didn’t stop us from running with it every time we saw Ealey, though, or from yelling out to ourselves Wario’s trademark “I’M A-GONNA WIN” every time he got the ball.
As it turns out, the completely nonsensical tic makes sense, since Ealey drives just like his Nintendo namesake.

The UGA running back, scheduled to back up/share reps with Caleb King this fall, took a red shell in the side of his yellow (favorite color of Wario) Impala and hit a car in a parking lot in Athens. He then left the scene, but was later interviewed in his dorm room after the license number taken down by witnessed matched his. Ealey then admitted he had hit the car and left the scene while also driving on a suspended license.
The suspended license charge and hit-and-run are both misdemeanors, and thus a point each. A single bonus point will be awarded for repeat offense by Georgia, taking the total to three points and all but sealing the 2010 Fulmer Cup race for the University of Georgia. Barring open rioting at Minnesota or East Carolina, the number one party school in the nation will reflect their vivacious nightlife in the Fulmer Cup standings, too. The Dawgs have done this the old-fashioned way: by stumbling tipsily into the arms of a willing and overly officious local police force.

If the regular season games were “how to get arrested at a ‘kegger’ ” then this season would be a rap!


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1   Bloodspite
August 27th, 2010 at 12:53

A win?
Hell I thought that was a mandatory class at UGA :)