2010 Volunteers Game Day Cigars

Its a Tradition around me, as my friends will note, to have celebratory cigars.

We have them for graduations, birthdays, parties and most very importantly, tailgates.

I stock each year for my football games and tailgating adventures. I start buying literally in January because lets face it, cigars are not cheap. I plan according to how many partakers will be available and varying types of weather as well as how the game may go. From this I choose the type, and the amount to purchase.

Its a very difficult position to choose a cigar based on how difficult a football game will be and months in advance with schedule changes. Even more so when you know that every game your team has this year will be a dogfight. I do my best.

Thusly, I present to you the game cigars for the 2010 Tennessee Volunteer season

Game 1:

  • Vs. Tennessee-Martin at Knoxville

We should win this game. Playing Tennessee-Martin is sorta like playing the neighborhood middle school kids in touch football after you come back from college. It’s a lot of fun, but there’s no real contest.


I have a limited selection of these as this game will probably only be watched by me thanks to the holiday weekend. They are a good after game finisher and go good with a Sam Adams I have found.

Game 2:

  • Vs. Oregon at Knoxville

This game could be a slugfest.  Oregon is a decent team in my opinion, but come on, its Pac-10. I’m counting it as a win for Tennessee. I also feel this will be our first true test of the season.


  • Romeo y Julieta Viejo

This is probably one of the best R&J cigars out there in my book. Its exceptionally mild, with almost a woodsy scent to it. For some reason this just screams Pacific Northwest to me, so for Oregon it makes a excellent choice.

Game 3:

  • Vs. Florida at Knoxville

As much as I hate to say it I do not see a win here. It will be a serious game with our guys playing like hell to try to beat Florida not just for honor but because this is the first conference game and lets face it, most everybody hates the Gators. But in the end I am afraid to say I do not think will take this one home, even with home field advantage.


Without a doubt this is one of my favorite cigars. I love everything about it…except the price.  Mild, mellow, clean flavor with a nice after taste after a dog fight with Florida I’ll need this cigar as a uplifter to bring my spirits high enough to survive this loss until our next win which should be….

Game 4:

  • Vs. UAB at Knoxville

This game should be a win. UAB is not a team I have ever considered a threat although they play with a lot of heart. I am considering this an easy win. No reason to rub their noses in it so for our cigar…


This cigar is simple, dark (as its name indicates) box pressed, and robust while being unpretentious.  It is a decently priced cigar that is easily obtained, but still a good generic smoke. From the Montecristo brand, whose cigars can sometimes run in to the $5 to $6 bucks per stick, this is a nice lower priced rendition of their quality. It works well for this game because its a simple cigar, for what should be a simple game that still pays respect to its opponent.

Game 5:

  • Vs. LSU at Baton Rouge

Some folks hate Alabama with a passion. Some detest Florida with gusto, For me, the team that keeps me awake nights with hatred and anger is LSU. They robbed us of a championship. They robbed us at a spot in a bowl game. It seems like anytime it really counts they are there to smack our hands. I have no idea how this one will play out as both teams have struggles that are known this year. I’m rooting for Tennessee, but wont be surprised if it doesn’t pan out.


For some reason when ever I smoke one of these Credence Clearwaters Born on the Bayou seems to play in my head.  A thick heavy taste with a robust smell, it makes me think of bogs, swamps and southern Louisiana. Fortunately cigar smoke is a great way to keep skeeters away.

Game 6:

  • Vs. Georgia in Athens

This game is civil war here at Registered Evil.  I consider Georgia my home, as I have lived there longer than I lived anywhere else in my life. Many of my close friends are there, including my blog partner here V00d3w, who is a rabid Georgia fan. God only knows why.  I forgive him his transgressions and am willing to overlook this flaw in our relationship as no one can be perfect and I’ve known the guy over twenty years now. That said we have tromped the Dawgs our last meeting, and we currently lead the playoff between our two teams by six. I feel good about this. I’m going Tennessee here.


This is one of my regular cigars. It’s lightly aged wrapper gives it its green color, which is the color all Bulldog fans should be after this years game.  They have recently changed the bands and boxes, which is fitting considering Georgia just recently changed it’s AD. Again. It’s a good smoke to share with friends, whom I will be watching the game with even if we are miles apart as I am certain V00d3w and I will be calling each other throughout the game or Instant messaging smack talk.  I will probably attempt to mail him one or two of these for the game. This cigar is chosen because no matter who wins, one of us loses, and no matter how it goes I want to celebrate it with friends. Thus one of my regular fav cigars that I keep a goodly stock of.

Game 7:

  • Vs. Alabama in Knoxville

The Third Saturday of October is a hallowed day, even if this game hasn’t played on that date in almost a decade.  The rivalry between Tennessee and Alabama goes back over 100 years and features some of the most storied people in college football including General Robert Neyland and Bear Bryant. The history said, this game will be ugly, and unfortunately I think it will be more ugly with us on the receiving end, even with home field advantage.  I do not think our chances are good here, that said I still hope we have a Cinderella year like all good fans do.


This game has much history, and furthermore has a cigar history to boot. Reportedly when Alabama won a game against Tennessee in this series Bear Bryant would pass out cigars to his players. The exact cigar I have not been able to uncover, but I could envision the Bear handing out something like this. It’s a heavy, robust cigar with a lot of flavor. It’s rated a 91in the April 2009 issue of Cigar Aficionado and was also the highest-rated cigar in the Corona Gorda category. It’s a powerhouse cigar, that is an excellent reminder of when both of these teams were powerhouses themselves facing off in the grid iron.

Game 8:

  • Vs South Carolina in Columbia.

South Carolina is a team we have played often. It’s a sort of a love hate relationship. We love to hate them, and they love to hate us.  Yeah, its like that. I’m going to jump off in to the deep end of the Kool Aid pool here and call this one a win for Tennessee.


First off I heart maduro’s. They are some of my favorite cigars without a doubt. Secondly Victor Sinclair is a cigar than can go one of two ways: cost you a fortune, or cost you a few dollars. Either way you win as far as I am concerned.  It’s a good cigar, with a good flavor and goes good with bratwurst and other tailgate fare. The Dominican wrapper is a perfect color, reminds of of the bruises we’d love to see all over Steve Spurrier and his Gamecocks. (I mean seriously….how many of their fans are reduced to mindless giggling every time they shout out the word “Gamecock”?)

Game 9:

  • Memphis at Memphis.

This is a win as far as I am concerned. I don’t care if Memphis is in Tennessee and therefor are kindred, we disdain Vandy too. I don’t care if they have blues music which I love, and great BBQ which I also love, I want Dooley and the boys to grind them down and serve them with a side of home cut fries and coleslaw. We need this win, and I think we shall have it.  Is it like taking a sucker from  a 4 year old? Sure, but at least you get the sucker dammit.


I take no real joy in this cigar, just as I take no joy in this victory. This is a decent maduro for a bargain price. You can get a lot of them for a few bucks and they’ll last in your humidor without any real problems. The upside is if you have enough variety in your humidor you can get some really nice flavors to mix in with this.  If you don’t…well….it’s still not a bad cigar. I just wouldn’t hand it out at a wedding. Sort of like Steve Spurrier, who I am certain South Carolina keeps in a dungeon somewhere refusing to allow him to come out in public until Football season.

Game 10:

  • Vs. Mississippi in Knoxville

Besides being the bane of 3rd Graders everywhere who live in perpetual fear of receiving this states name in a school spelling bee, I don’t have any real hatred for Ole Miss, aside from the fact that they employ Houston Nutt, who I think is a windbag, blowhard with no real coaching talent. But then I do live next door to Arkansas so my view could be biased from airplanes flying overhead announcing his failures.  I’m counting this as a win purely because if Arkansas beats Houston Nutt and we don’t I will never hear the end of it from my coworkers and friends in the area.


Besides the very cool sounding name, and the fact that probably everyone else who will show for this tailgate would love to do this exact combo to Houston Nutt (did I mention I tailgate with Arkansas Fans?) this is a pretty good cigar. It’s an aged blend with a lot of nuances that I can not begin to name but it has a varied enough flavor that it is entertaining…which makes a great distraction from hurling insults at a certain football coach who left he area not that long ago.

Game 11:

  • Vs Vanderbilt in Nashville, TN

Vandy. Throughout my high school days that is what we called this school, Vandy, but you must say it correctly. With a high pitched nasal whine, almost as if you were a Yankee asking for a bottle of pop and it involves scrunching your butt cheeks. As no self respecting southerner desires to sound like Yankee unless purposely insulting its safe to say that Vandy is probably the Yankee school of the south. Easy win because Yankee’s can’t play football as anyone south of the Mason Dixon knows is true just as the sun will rise tomorrow. Win for Tennessee.


Rated 94 by Cigar Aficionado, this dark black cigar can be spotted a mile away practically.  The oily outerskin wrapper just screams dark tones and mellow smoke and you can taste the peat like flavors easily. It stands out amongst other cigars and it tastes like victory.

Game 12:

  • Vs. Kentucky in Knoxville

Kentucky isn’t a game most Vols fans ever worry about. Kentucky is a basketball school, and their football team is something of legend…a legend that you may not exactly want. It’s also the last game of the season save for bowl games and the fabled SEC Championship. Win Tennessee.


Beating Kentucky is as normal as mom’s apple pie and The Star Spangled Banner before a game. So this cigar is a natural choice for this game. It features two wrappers, a thick and oily Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro and a flawless Connecticut shade leaf. This is important because while in football season Kentucky fears us, came basketball season we are typically trying not hide behind our couch when Kentucky comes around. So it all is fair as it were.Two for one in this case.

And thats it folks. The game day cigars for all of Tennessee’s games this year.

I never pick bowl game or Championship game cigars until we find out if we are playing in them and because I want to see whom our opponent is.

Stay tuned, enjoy and smoke one for me.

Go Vols!

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