Finals were yesterday.

It’s over.

Well…for at least the next 14 days its over. I start my new program on December 16th.

Work is very stressful. My family life isn’t much better. But today I feel oddly….peaceful.

The last few days I realized just how much this education meant to me, as I think I am approaching burn-out.

I jump every time I hear a cellphone, if I hear something that vaguely sounds like a vibration (my ringer is on vibrate and ring) I immediately begin grasping wildly for my phone.

Yesterday I accidentally forgot my cellphones at home while we went to Fantastic Caverns with my In-Laws and my daughter. Once I realized that I had forgotten my phone I all but had a anxiety attack. It was not only embarrassing, but disturbing. I have buried myself in my job to the point that it’s all I think about. At night, in the day, in my sleep.

This degree is my path to a better job. I just hope I can find one before this kills me.

Today none of that matters though. Today the phone calls cause me to jump, but I can deal with it.

I accomplished a goal, and something I busted ass for and have spent countless hours between my job and family to accomplish.

Today I am on top of the world.

You may resume the oft-scheduled repeated kicks to the head tomorrow

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1   Stephen Sherman, aka Commissar
December 1st, 2009 at 19:29

Ah, yes .. cellphone anxiety. I think my daughter must be on diet of LG and Motorola.

Nice looking site you have here.

Best wishes!