(I first wrote this on August 21, of 2008 at Techography.. For some folks it may be very useful. For others, maybe not so much. Most of what I wrote here I still agree with. The numbers are no longer accurate, and I am in fact pursuing my Bachelors currently. Some of this however…not so much. But I’ll write about that later this week if I get time. -BS)

One thing I was concerned about when I started back to school was accreditation.And as recent News Reports show, its a serious issue.

The very first school I went to, after High School, was North Metro Technical Institute, now called North Metro Technical College. At that time they were unaccredited. They have since became so, is my understanding. But essentially what I learned there does me no good because the education I received was unaccredited at the time. Hence when I went back to school for the second time, I chose a college that I knew for a cold stone fact was accredited: University of Tennessee.

While I would have dearly loved to have graduated from there, the military didn’t let that happen.

Anyway went I when I made the decision to start back, the first thing I did was check who was accredited and how. I did a lot of research. I needed something I could afford, but at the same time I didn”t want my education to suffer due to cost. Unfortunately I could not go back to Tennessee, because they didn’t offer an on line curriculum for my education level.

I also went in to this knowing that some folks, no matter where you get your degree, just do not like Online colleges.

University of Phoenix has several accreditations. First and foremost, in my area, Business, they have the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs. Only a quarter of all business schools earn program accreditation from one of the two business schools accrediting organizations. It doesn’t end there, however. They are recognized by the Department of Education. With that they have over 70 different accreditations under their belt. Thats a lot to offer.

Also in my quest I wanted to know funding.

UofP had Federal Financial Aid. Cost of college is a concern, obviously. It’s cheap, for UofP: $7,084 a year, compared with an average tuition of;$9,630 in other Phoenix programs and$23,712 at traditional
private colleges (public universities average ). Sure, UofP isn’t Harvard. But it is a good education. Whats more it is an education, period.

Like all schools it has good points and bad points, but the good outweighs the bad, in my opinion. As Katherine
Mangu-Ward wrote in Education for Profit: Why is everyone flaming University of Phoenix?

Phoenix students know they”re not getting the best education money can buy. But they might be getting the best education their money can buy.

Will I get my Bachelors Degree from them? Possibly. It depends on what advances I see with the obtainment of my Associates.But one thing is for certain. If I go on to get my Masters, it won’t be from University of Phoenix but rather it will be somewhere specific to accomplish my dream……The University of Tennessee On line Graduate Program

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