Georgia Fans

UGA Fans are a funny bunch.

Without a doubt, probably one of the most frightening fan bases around.

Why just look at last years graduation!

First they had a Limo pick them up

They did some water skiing…

They played some horse shoes..

Then they played some more…

They got the grills cooking…

But when you got this many fans together one just aint enough

They did a little wrasslin to celebrate

Which made everyone hungry again…

A few decided they’d rather eat out

A couple chose to eat in…

(yes those are Pigs Feet – Yer ever helpful editor- BS)

All this fun made some folks thirsty

But one things for sure…when the booze comes out in Georgia…so does the target practice…

Someone decided to light up a smoke

Then the party really got started

However when the game is over….graduation is done….the beer is almost gone…and the food is ate…there’s nothing like a tractor pull

Followed by a weekend at a waterfront resort.

Yup. Them Georgia Fans are something else.

No excuse me while I go get a tetanus shot.

2 Responses to “Georgia Fans”

Radio Intercepts
  • photo from Tumblr


    Did i go Overboard? My coworker picked up some tilted barn, and a vintage bottle for me, Trillium had a release today , and my tavour order arrived.. i guess im full.

    Can never go overboard with good booze!


  • photo from Tumblr

    So it was this holiday…..


  • photo from Tumblr

    Hands down my favorite Mexico cerveza. Colombe Smoked Black IPA


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