One of these days I’m going to find whatever demon or gremlin I pissed off in a past life, and I am going to kick it’s ever lovin, cheap punk ass.

I have lost everything I ever held dear to me, every time.

So I made a last ditch try for this one. Hell I’ve called every effort for the last 6 months the last ditch try.

I’ve done everything I can do to pull her out of whatever it is she has fell in to.

The only thing I can think of is, she doesn’t want to feel.

She doesn’t want to be loved.

She wants to be miserable, I guess.

And the man who loves her, who she stood beside for the last five years, the one who wants to stand by her for the next 60, is left watching everything he held dear spinning out of control and in to oblivion.

Anybody want a broken heart? Got one for sale.

Jen if you read this.

I still love you.

But at some point you need to learn to love yourself, as the rest of the world does. As I do.

I’m going back to Nashville.

I have a job to do.

Before I manage to muck that up as well as I have my marriage apparently.

Happy frickin Holidays.

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1   Mark    
December 13th, 2009 at 22:37

I’m in much the same boat man, if only we had paddles