Personally, the worst fans for me have always been LSU and Arkansas fans.

LSU fans are just plain rude. Practically criminal.

Arkansas fans, are crazy. You have 50% of them who are your normal average every day fan. The other 50% are liable to hire an airplane with your name on it. Or run you out of town. Or subpoena your cellphone records.

However Georgia fans…can be…special.  Very special.

You know its bad when the school President asks the fan base to behave. So bad in fact that the school has even threatened to revoke ticket privileges.

Having only been to a handful of Georgia games I can’t vouch for UGA games and while I have nothing but disdain for UGA I love my quasi home state. However, I’ll also be the first to say that most Georgians are…passionate…of their causes.

All of this said I’m seeing more and more remarks that the Georgia fan base is..shall we say…uncouth? rude?

It for sure doesn’t help your case when other countries find you to be a rude fan base.

So help me out here Georgia fans. What do you think?

Rude? Passionate? Uncouth? All the Above?

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