Rocket Bingo

My middle east tour didn’t go anything like the majority of current soldiers, sailors and airmen.
Even when I worked as a DOD contractor doing telecom it was pretty low key save for a car bombing.

The infamous Chief Bill however seems to draw rockets, bombs, and general Very Bad Thing’s(tm) to him like a magnet.

Why Rocket Bingo?

It’s an old joke, but Greyhawk laid it out best a few years ago.

To the best of my knowledge, all Americans in Iraq participate. Rocket Bingo. Here’s a round-a-bout explanation.

Ever had one of those moments where you missed something by a mere instant, or something happens to someone near you? Ever heard one of those stories where someone misses their plane then that plane crashes? Ever wondered what turning left as opposed to right at some point does to impact your life? In a way, that’s sort of the concept of Rocket Bingo. Every once in a while nottheJapanese launch a rocket or mortar into one of our camps. It’s not a guided weapon, so who knows where it might fall. It’s often a dud, so it often doesn’t matter, but sometimes it’s not. The result? Rocket Bingo.

Going to lunch? Rocket Bingo. Staying at work? Rocket Bingo. Doing laundry? Rocket Bingo. The only rule is you have to play. Stay in your bunk all day – Rocket Bingo.

But the fact that you’re playing just stays in the back of your mind. You leave work with a buddy, “Hey, wanna go to the gym?” “No – gotta do laundry.” And you imagine yourself later saying “Damn – he should have come with me” – or imagine him saying the same.

Rocket Bingo.

Compared to the odds of walking uninjured off of Iwo, Rocket Bingo ain’t that bad.

And so it goes. However the thing to remember is while Bill was lucky. Boy howdy are we glad he’s lucky.

But this type of thing happens, even after two presidents have declared victory. Why? Who knows. Maybe they are just pricks. Maybe they just feel the need to kill some Americans. Or maybe its true that the really want all of us to be burned alive and cease breathing for what ever political or religious ideology that motivates them.

Something to consider with a HE round goes off next to you fired by someone who declares themselves to be Muslim….and NPR wonders why some of us get nervous.

Why Mrs Schiller? Why do we get ancy? A Perfectly normal reaction given the circumstances?

Because not everyone is lucky, madame.

One Response to “Rocket Bingo”

  • Greyhawk:

    You nailed it perfectly with Rocket Bingo. It pretty much explains how I view life as well. I call getting through the day an adventure which I call Controlled Folley. Most things you do in a day and the people you encounter as you get your way throught the maze, is inconsequential and of little or no significance.

    But, when you are in an active war zone, you have to pick and choose your moves more cautiously and become more and more aware of your surroundins and hone your instincts. The same goes for living in the wilderness. When you are hiking through the wilderness with everything you need and very little else, you pay more attention to your every move and step, as your next step could wind up being a twisted ankle or busted knee. And, with a busted knee or twisted ankle, you are immobile and if you are alone, you could wind up immobile permanently. That is why it is so critical to watch every step you take and every move you make as if it is a life and death situation, because, in actuality, it could turn out to be that way.

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