Going off the rails on the crazy train...

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Two games.

Over 50 points a game.

Absolutely crazy given the utter tromping we have taken from such opponents as Oregon, and Georgia just to name a few.

But there is something different on the horizon.

Drew was one of the better things I saw happen to buffalo, and true to form they let him go like they have done with every single piece of talent they have had in the last decade.

I will admit that I am and have been a big Matt Simms defender. My view point is the same one I made with Drew Bledsoe when he played for the Buffalo Bills: A Quarterback is only as effective as his O-line. He can’t make passes from his back, and he can’t stay on his feat if the O-line lets defenders through like milk through a piece of bread.

Simms to me is very much a Bledsoe style quarterback. A pocket passer with the ability to get the ball down the field. Unfortunately Simms further solidified this interpretation of him as a Bledsoe style QB in my eyes with the punishment he was dealt this year: over 18 sacks this season.

Matt Simms getting crushed by LSU linemen

Furthermore they left Simms out there like some sort of human punching bag for the first several games. Anyone who detracts from Simms better to do so with the caveat that he took supreme punishment for his efforts, without a doubt.

Tyler Bray, formerly known as "The Twig" by this author (now christened "Gumby or Gumbray") gets advice from Dooley.

All of that said, even I can not deny what Tyler Bray has done these last two games. He has injected some sort of energy back in to the team that was badly needed in a record breaking (albeit not the records we wanted broken) season.

Will we go three in a row with 50 point advantages?

We’ll find out on Saturday.

Until then consider me, one of the doubters who repeatedly said Bray would be snapped like a tree twig in a hurricane on the first defensive pressure…convinced otherwise.

Could any of us have predicted this?

Does it take 6 games for a team to find it’s feet?

With over 20 freshmen starters maybe. Either way the future looks bright and hopeful.

Once again it is Great To Be a Tennessee Vol!

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