I know most folks like to sit back and smoke their cigars.

Yukon Blend Coffee with a shot of Jameson. Gurkha Cuban Legacy in Churchill

I like to walk.

Was a nice brisk cool morning yesterday, great weather for my traveling companions: a Gurkha Cuban Legacy and Yukon Blend coffee with a shot of Jameson.

Here’s a little photo-essay attempt with some random thoughts.
Feel free to click any of the images for a bigger version. Enjoy the walk, sorry if my mind tends to venture in to strange places. its just the way I am.

The road leading up to my house has a great view

The gully behind my house is a hard walk but a great picture this time of year

My old John Deere plow I restored needs a fresh coat of paint but still looks good with the fall colors

Sun coming through the tree's goes great with a smoke

It's a beautiful country here. But it can be unforgiving. Bottom of the ridge-line. Good place to sit for a while, and enjoy the morning. Coffee and a cigar with a beautiful day cant be beat.

This rock wall crops up on the ridge-line every few hundred yards only to disappear and reappear. Great place to sit and take it all in.

Great view when sittin on the rock wall Also good for deer hunting or just thinking and relaxing

A cigar is about taking time out. Relaxing. Breathe a moment. My walks are the same. Step away from the madness. The hurry. Enjoy life for what it is and whats around us.

View from the top of my ridge...Starting to get windy now.

One thing for sure about living in Southwest Missouri and on top of the ridgeline....there's no shortage of rocks...heh

Living in the "Gateway West" I often wonder what the first settlers thought while crossing this way to the Oklahoma territories. They left so little behind on their trek. Its hard fathoming their journey in this day of ATVs and 4x4s

There's something to be said for the Native Americans belief that we do not own the land. We can use it, feed ourselves of it, hunt it, live on it, burn it, contaminate it, but in the end in one form or another we return to it. It owns us, in a way.

Unfortunately very little good can be said for we modern day settlers. No respect, no sense of duty and no sense of responsibility. It's time to head back anyway.

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