Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head? You keep singing it in your mind or softly to yourself, all day, and can’t get it to stop?  Well, my friends, that’s your Brain Radio….

Welcome to mine!

Tool – Sober



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1   ry    
November 28th, 2010 at 00:53

“I just want to start this over.”

Damn straight. That’s a moto ’round these parts.

That video freaked me the hell out when it first came out, what with the meat in the tube.

2   v00d3W    http://www.registeredevil.com
December 2nd, 2010 at 07:48

yea, its one of my fav videos, took a lot of time and work and creativity do do those types of claymation :)

As for the meat in the tube…well, that may be even too Evil for even me to explain :)