Hello Folks, sorry I have been inactive for a while, havent had much to write on, and actually, I still dont  :)  so here are some pictures of what Christmas looks like in my neck of the woods.

2000 lights, and a Deer Family in the yard :)

Better look at the house..

Our family of deer, mom, dad, and baby :)

Our stockings hung with care....on our 100 year old piano ;)

My Wifes special tree, tree no.1, and also note that this tree is Duct Taped to the table it sits on, we have a mobile baby, and he is a strong one too ;)

My more modern tree, I love the white :)

And lastly, my first ever electric train village :)

Hope you enjoyed the trip through my yard and house, just note:  Since these pics, I have added a ton more lights outside  :)  If you wanted to come see me, you can land your plane on my street, just head for the bright lights in the middle of no where  :)\


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1   Calimus    
December 8th, 2010 at 11:32

I see some deer that need shootin’