Stolen from Harvey!Several years while I was still writing at our sister site of Techography, Calimus wrote an article entitled Are Blog’s killing the Net?

Having been writing online since the mid 1990’s we never coined a term such as “blogging” or even acknowledged that what we were doing was a “blog” until almost 2002. We just did what we always did, put technology, personal stories, and other whatnot online as a clearinghouse of information. It was fun, it was unique.

It’s not really that way anymore, however is it?

In 2000 or so, a boom of bloggers arose. Folks who found the internet was a great way to meet folks. Where as before, those of us who had websites were geeks and looked upon with a skewed glance “You have your own website?” suddenly everyone had a website, and everyone had a “blog”

Calimus’s question of the time was not so much a direct disparagement of blogs as a whole but rather a questions regarding the time we had spent on our website: doing the coding, getting the HTML just right, spending hours to create our theme by hand, even the graphics and logos, deciding what to write about, and what to test.

Ultimately we didn’t care if anyone read what we did. We still don’t. For us it was, and still is, a creative outlet that allows us to play with technology, and give vent to frustrations.

Many blogs that I associated myself with less than 10 years ago have all but died, turning to the instant reaction, microwave world of Facebook.

Hell I use it too. But I still prefer here.
This is my domicile, my comfort area, my place to escape and write what I like. I post links to this site from my Facebook, but Facebook is not my home. It’s more a way for me to keep in touch with the dozens of hundreds of people I have met in my travels, literally, around the world.

However the bloggers that have fell by the way side over the years is long, choosing Facebook over the web. Harvey even laments that the once titled “Bad Example Family” is mostly dead.

Part of this I think is the desire for acknowledgment, a desire for “hits” or the number of readers a site is able to collect. Facebook provides folks a instant gratification, whereas it could take days for a site to gather a goodly number of hits or visitors.

Where as folks before were giving more thought, more effort in to their work, it seems many have shed their blogs, their effort driven work for 30 second sound bites to attract more people.

Whats your thoughts?

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1   Sine Nomine    
December 13th, 2010 at 11:58

REAL writing surpasses labels. Please continue sharing your thoughts and stories with us!
Thanks for all your GREAT writing.

Sine Nomine

2   Bloodspite
December 13th, 2010 at 14:56

Many thanks! We aim to please around here even if we have been slacking as of late :)