Am sick as hell.

No other way to say it.

Head is pounding like a runaway train, sinus’s clogged up, I can’t talk, I’m running a fever of 103 and my body feels like I was the practice dummy for the Baltimore Ravens.

It’s one of those days were you wake up in the morning and ask Gawd to just let you die.

Critter got home safe, got the phone call at about 2 this morning. She didn’t want to leave yesterday and demanded she stay here with me. I placated her somewhat but not much.

It’s hard trying to explain to a 4 year old why she has to go home but Daddy has to stay here. It’s a disadvantage from my military time. In the Army I’d leave and be gone. Then come home and that was it. My family didn’t and couldn’t visit me out in the field. With this lin of work I go to the field, and I stay there. My family can see me at odd times for a few days.

Having done both…I’m not sure which is better. As the latter is almost like teasing. And the partings are extremely difficult.

But like all children she bounces back well, and an hour down the road she was colouring to her hearts content.

As for me? I’m going to crawl back in the rack. The world is spinning and it’ll be easier to not fall off if I’m in my the bed.

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1   Contagion
September 8th, 2009 at 09:37

I hope you get to feeling better.

I’m sorry about your situation. I hope you are able to get things worked out soon for everyone’s sake.

2   Bloodspite    
September 10th, 2009 at 10:26

Me to man thanks