New year, New comedy…the best stuff is UNscripted…

v00d3w: lemme ask ya
v00d3w: what does “well done” in terms of food mean to you?

bloodspite: Well done?

v00d3w: yea

bloodspite: Charcoal brick

v00d3w: but no pink right

bloodspite: Pink, your lucky if its still meat

v00d3w: heh

bloodspite: More like a rock

v00d3w: well aparently to the cooks at the cafe here, it means hard black crispy meat shell with pink in the middle

bloodspite: I never order well done
bloodspite: I like my food rare

v00d3w: hate rare

bloodspite: I like my steak where a good skilled veternarian has a high chance of bringing it back to life

v00d3w: so in other words, not hot from the grill, hot from just bein killed

bloodspite: Pretty much.

v00d3w: thats bad

bloodspite: That is perfect


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1   Bloodspite
January 6th, 2011 at 13:32

If it screams when I stick a fork in it…it’s not quite done….if it just groans barely audibly….just right ;)

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