It’s Easy being Green. Sometimes

Peer pressure has never been something that I could be accused of succumbing to. I smoke cigars. I drive a 4×4 SUV. I drink beer, I chew tobacco. I wear cowboy boots, cowboy hats and am more often given puns on Grizzly Adams jokes and redneck references.

As I have grown older I have found myself making, for lack of a better word, green decisions, however.

I’m not sure when I made this change.

A recent conversation with V00d3w is what spurred my questioning of how I make decisions, and I wondered when this change took place.

I have never considered myself a tree hugger. In fact i usually make fun of them.  I consider folks of that title akin to chaining themselves to tree’s, spiking tree’s, tearing down cell towers, and otherwise being generally a bit off….

If something isn’t broke, I don’t go looking to replace it. But here are some of the things I have done in the last few years:

  • I replaced all of our lights in our house for CFL bulbs. The primary reason? To reduce our energy bill.
  • I swapped our shower head for high pressure, water saving shower heads.
  • I upgraded our washer and dryers to HE units.
  • I use a coffee press, to avoid using filters, electricity and the infamous phantom loads
  • We have our washer on a power strip, which we flip off when its not in use. More phantom loads avoidance.
  • We unplug all of our kitchen devices when not in use save for the stove and the fridge, but our stove is gas.
  • I put 1 liter bottles in our toilets to displace water and use less.
  • Our entire entertainment system is on a power brick that we turn off when we go to bed, until we need it again. More phantom loads avoidance.
  • We use Energy star rated laptops not desktops, both of us.
  • I keep the heat under 70 in the winter, and about 72 in the summer. Greedily I like it colder at night.
  • I use E3 plugs in my truck to increase gas mileage, and a K&N Air filter to further reduce waste, and increase gas mileage.

It hasn’t been a big change in my wife and I’s life style at all.

However I noted when v00d3w was telling me about a new coffee brewing system purchase, that by all rights, a coffee affectionate as myself should have been jealous of, my first thoughts were more of “Geez, that seems like a lot of waste.”

Don’t get me wrong, I do not begrudge him the purchase, but rather it had me ask him what were his considerations when he bought it. Nor am I a saint in this realm, either. I use a Oasis for my humidor, for instance.

He then told me, “I make no apologies, I know I waste electricity.”

It got me thinking, when did I make this transition?

Before folks think V00d3w is the anti-Christ of environmentalism, his motivator of only drinking a cup of coffee a day isn’t a bad one.

However, it is interesting. A case study even.

Because here are two people, myself and he, whom went to the same school since 6th grade, have similar Geo-political ideals, have many of the same habits, friends, and yet we make our decesions so radically differently.

My wife had approached me about one of these coffee devices during Christmas. My first reaction was Waste and electricity.” With my press I boil my water in a kettle on my gas stove. I use no filters. I have a manual hand grinder for my beans.

The idea of a system that takes 45 seconds to brew coffee strikes at the heart of my microwave burrito theory.  Good things come to those who wait. A good cup of coffee should take a little time, and should be enjoyed no matter how fast paced our lives are.

So I ask you guys, not rather who is right or wrong, but am I the only one whom questions this transition?

Does anyone else stand in the aisle at Wal Mart asking themselves how much water or electricity does something use?

Or am I merely falling in to a fad led by the blind and the deaf soundlessly in to the night?

3 Responses to “It’s Easy being Green. Sometimes”

  • Mark:

    Sounds to me like it is more of an economic choice rather than one of effeciency, with an added benefit of being green. From my standpoint that makes it more worthwhile for the common person anyways.

  • Good point. I’m not sure if that was the initial catalyst or if I was subconsciously trying to “Save the environment! It’s For The Children!(tm)” While I agree with the latter ideology, and acknowledge that we do mistreat what we have, I am not convinced that is the sole purpose of my conviction. So your point may be the valid one

  • Well I can see both sides, but the thing I see most is the means of saving money. If I had a higher power bill, I would try some of these things to get it down, but my power bill seems reasonable. Of the waste from the coffee maker, I don’t think of that much…the way I see it, it appears to be the same amount of plastic as the Folgers coffee container that I bought every 2 weeks.

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