Let me start by saying, I love my dad, but he drinks coffee like it is the only thing keeping him alive.  My wife and I received a coffee pot for our wedding shower, that was just over a year and a half ago.  My dad recently came up with mom and stayed at our house for a few days.

The coffee pot did not survive.

I think it was after the 4th consecutive pot brewed by my father that did it.  After that, when you poured the water in the top, it promptly came out the bottom.

So its now 8:15 am, baby is awake, I am working from home, and I am on a conference call with my boss and our entire team.

What do I hear from the Kitchen but “Oh Crap! Honey, I broke the coffee pot, bring towels!”  said my dad to my mom.

Then in comes my wife, “Something is wrong with the coffee pot, I think your dad killed it, there’s water everywhere!”
–I mute the phone
“Baby, I am on a conference call with my boss, I’ll be out in a few” I say

–In comes the baby, in his walker
“Da da da da da da da da!!!!!! Da da da da daaaaadddd!!!” says the baby

–I mute the phone again
“BABY, Please come get the baby I AM IN A MEETING!!!!!” I say

So after all is said and done, the wife and I are on our way to the store to get another coffee pot, as we have yet to have our morning coffee.  When we get there, we see the exact pot we used to have, and it is priced around $60.  Directly below it, priced $100 is the new hassle free, gorgeous, and most accommodating piece that will soon make our secondary kitchen space, our favorite room of the house.  So without any further ado, here it is, Coffee Central:

And there ya have it :)  Now off to invent K-Cup containers made from 100% biodegradable material to keep Blppdspite at bay, and get a cup of coffee :)

(by the way, that Hershey’s Syrup, yea, that goes in my coffee)


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1   Bloodspite    http://www.registeredevil.com
January 18th, 2011 at 10:05

LOL Rock on dude I have heard the coffee is good from these but have never tried it myself