Microwave Burrito Theory

I’ve had a theory for quite some time. A recent discussion with Boraz via Twitter reminded me of it once again.

My Microwave Burrito Theory

I’ve used this analogy quite a bit lately. In a recent paper regarding human interaction with technology I referenced it for college. I’ve mentioned it in comments countless times on other blogs.

I’ve never really put it in to a perspective that others could follow for posterity.

The idea is that everyone wants a microwave burrito. What we want should be relatively instant. It should be fully cooked. Ready to eat. It should be filling.

This applies to almost everything. From our retirements, our salaries, dreams, blogs, and public perception. We want them all quickly, we want them to fulfill us, and we want them more or less, now.

Lets consider, if we will, how many ways it can be applies. Recent political events for instance. One party wants the solution immediately. They want the solution to be complete. They want the solution to be fulfilling.

With that as a litmus I would say my microwave burrito theory then must be applied with the following: the example must be a relatively quickly or immediate response or action. The action must fulfill the party requiring the quick action. The action must be complete in that parties viewpoint.

The changes in blogging is an excellent example. While some deride them as dead, others feel the landscape is merely changing. As a webwriter for many years this isn’t the first change I’ve seen online.

Folks migrated to blogging for a instant reaction, they formed families on line for a instant fulfillment and reaction. They shared links among each other, grouped together. Or as noted in Issac Asimov’s infamous I, RobotWhy is it that when robots are stored in an empty space, they will group together, rather than stand alone?”.

The answer is social interaction, and Facebook, like blogging, is a social network. The difference is that blogging in the long form requires more time and effort than the rapid ability of Facebook, or even Twitter.

Blogging was no different in its heydey, and with the advent of Facebook, many bloggers have rushed to its open arms for immediate responses and reactions, their blogs now quite and lifeless.

The burrito was ready for those ready to consume it in that case. Twitter offers another semblance of the burrito, instant statements, instant reactions.

But perhaps without that multitude of voices, without that symphony of people resounding in a chaotic chorus of many actions ideas, the ones remaining can be better heard, better understood, better read. A different balance if you will.

For the burrito, while quick, while filling, also often leaves the user with heartburn in the long run.

2 Responses to “Microwave Burrito Theory”

Radio Intercepts
  • photo from Tumblr


    Steampunk Girl

    Let’s class up the place a bit shall we? Steam punk ladies have always held a special place in my heart. I think because of instead of frail, fragile creatures steam punk fiction ensconces smart, strong, inventive, and independent women (Such as Polly Perkins from Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow, Mina Murray League of Extraordinary Gentlemen or Evelina Cooper, A study in Silks) I think for guys, or at least guys who think, its an attractive and alluring mix. Classy without being trashy, more vixen instead of vamp. A tease of what could be, what may be and what would be, but she just may kick the hell out of you for making a move but kiss you to make up for it later.


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    For future reference.

    Thank you.

    For those who would ever need it. -C

    reblogging here because i can see this being relevant to anyone who’s ever tried to get out of an abusive relationship

    Reblogging because that last comment made me reread the whole thing in a new light and realize this could be vital information. So, putting it out there for everyone, and hoping no one ever really needs it.


  • I want to know you. You seem like someone worth knowing. Every day I feel like I’m surrounded by people with hard edges and sour faces but I get the sense that you’re different. Too often people seem to think that they have the answers to everything. Their faces are trapped in permascowls and they can’t be bothered with anything besides their own narcissism. You aren’t like that. You still ask questions. You’re still looking for the answers.
    Ryan O'Connell (via quotemadness)


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