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Earthquake and Tsunami Hits Japan and the Pacific Region

The first sign of a tsunami arriving is the water pulling away from the coastline. It’s being reported Diamond Head Reef is now exposed -@TWCBreaking

Here is a link to the Arrival Times

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Oregon Coast stream available here

San Francisco Live Footage is Available here at of 10:39 CST


(New video by V00d3w 1145 EST)

President Obama goes live with press  conference. Can’t help but note he did so after danger had passed, and tells people to evacuate after it has hit. Very day late and dollar short. (BloodSpite 1151 CST)

Water pulling back in Santa Cruz via The Weather Channel

Just hit my Twitter limit for the hour. Twitter account suspended for a bit. Will resume once account out of suspension. Meantime will continue updates here. (BloodSpite, 12:33 CST)

Tsunami alerts lifted in Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the Philippines as of 12:34 CST

One of the most telling Video’s of Destruction in Japan

  • Multiple docks w/ damage in Umpqua, OR. Whirlpool just offshore. Dock with significant damage, boats loose in Brookings & Charleston, OR. (BloodSpite, 1321 CST)
  • CNN reporting that entire island of Honshu, Japan moved eastward by 8 feet (2.3 m) (BloodSpite, 1326 CST)
  • Pacific Missile Range Facility on island of Kauai & their family members cleared to return to base per Navy News (BloodSpite, 1329 CST)
  • Another strong surge coming into the Ventura, Calif. harbor. As strong as any of them so far. (BloodSpite, 1340 CST)

Placement of new Earthquake versus old as of 13:30 CST courtesy of Severe Studio's weather team

  • 1 killed, 3 others swept out to sea in Crescent City, Calif., near Oregon border - AP (BloodSpite, 13:42, CST)
  • Japan declares first ever Nuclear Emergency due to Earthquakes (BloodSpite, 1347)
  • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico reporting heavy swells . Some are several feet high, but no damage yet (AP report) (BloodSpite, 1356 CST)
  • USS Essex amphib readiness group ships USS Harpers Ferry & USS Germantown plan to rendezvous off Japan per Navy News (BloodSpite, 1357)
  • The Atlantic with a variety of images regarding the wholesale destruction in Japan (BloodSpite, 1358 CST)
  • Reuters reporting that Japan has lost contact with four of its coastal trains, and by default their passengers (BloodSpite, 14:02 CST)
  • USAID sends Disaster Assist. Response Team (DART), mobilizes Search & Rescue teams from LA Co. & Fairfax Co. Stars & Stripes has a listing of Emergency Contacts (BloodSpite, 1410)
  • Latest AP report has 178 dead with almost 600 missing (BloodSpite, 1412 CST)
  • Coast Guard still looking for people swept out to see…who was taking pictures of Tsunami. (BloodSpite, 1415 CST)
  • Reuters reporting that nuclear reactor pressure may have risen to over twice the designed capacity (BloodSpite, 1417 CST)
  • During latest surge in Ventura Harbor there was a collision between a Calif. fish and game vessel and 2 other vessels. No danger of sinking per TWC. (BloodSpite, 1420 CST)
  • Pacific Fleet reports all US Naval Submarines accounted for in wake of tsunami’s and other devestation in last 24 hours. (BloodSpite, 1425 CST)
  • USGS holding Live chat regarding earthquake and tsunami (BloodSpite, 1430 CST)
  • Amazing picture of a Japanese road…treated like a giant zipper by mother nature courtesy of (BloodSpite, 1433 CST)

Tsunami propagation graphic/video courtesy of NOAA

  • Interactive map of Damage via New York Times (BloodSpite, 1440 CST)
  • Full round up on damage in Crescent City, Calif. No deaths or injuries, 35 boats damaged, almost all docks gone,8.1ft surge highest recorded per TWC (BloodSpite, 1442 CST)
  • Reuters reporting death toll will exceed 1,000 people (BloodSpite, 1448 CST)
  • Meteorological Agency says plate “snapped up” which caused the massive Earthquake that hit Japan (BloodSpite, 1451 CST)
  • Ventura Harbor (S. Calif.) just had another 4ft. surge, followed by a strong exit per TWC. (BloodSpite, 1457 CST)

NOAA Visualization of Tsunami’s and Earthquake. Very interesting!

Dan Schallau describes the aftermath of the powerful quake

The Weather Channel (TWC) has excellent video of ships big tossed about during the Tsunami’s

With the closing of the advisory at Hawaii and California I’m going to cease updating this article. Anything seriously new I will post in a separate post.  Thanks for following us and feel free to continue to follow us on Twitter at

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