Got some changes coming round here.

We are in the last week of our Irish dedication, and I hope you have enjoyed our stories of Ireland, as well as the music and quotes from the country as well.

The big change is up in the air. We ask that you cross your fingers. It is something I, at least, have been striving for a very long time to gain a footing within. Because of this, there is a high possibility that our blogging may experience a transition in the near future. Some things are happening in my career that may make blogging either more common, or regular. Currently I try to have posts up by no later than 9 am. That time may shift to extremely early, or conversely extremely late.

However while the transition takes place we may go a few days without a post. We are not quitting. Careers just take precedence you know?

Otherwise continue to expect your College Sports coverage, political analysis, cigar reviews and other material of eclectic interest you have come to know and love.

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