No April Fools here. Totally Dead Serious, and is the wrap of events culminating that I alluded to both here and here.

400 feet up...and still going...

During the course of my career I received the minor reputation as a bit of a madman.

Long hours were my hallmark. The ability to sleep under ones desk and work at a computer station for over 48 hours can not be under rated when talking about project support. The ability to subside purely on coffee, nicotine, and finger nails is a survival ability needed in very few occupations, but practically second nature when on a IT Roll out spanning the entire country.

Back in the states from Venezuela...also known as How I spent my 10 yr High School Reunion

I have worked almost every position that can be had on a roll out. Field Tech, Help Desk, Help Desk manager, Project coordinator, Project Manager, Logistics, SME, QA Inspector even Safety and Field trainer. I have worked in 38 states. 4 countries. Thats not even including the places I went in the service. Over 1,000 projects, and who knows what the monetary value of all the projects I have worked on would be if I even tried to add them up. I wouldn’t mind having 1% of that, heh.

The Cingular expansion team in St. Louis

Now I have been given one step below my dream job: Roll out Specialist. However it’s not just the job, but with who. The number one company on the Fortune 500 list. No other company has more roll outs, and does it on less money than they do. No one. period. You can’t find a bigger, or better, challenge than that.

It’s a corner stone for me, a turning point, and as pilots refer to it: Bingo.

I’ve blogged since 1995.

Whiskey Dick Mtn, near the Washington State, Oregon border.

Calimus started Techography around then, and I was one of the first folks he invited to share his space with. It was like a fish to water. I wrote about everything. The weather. jobs. Girlfriends. Computers. School. Music. He had inadvertently given the keys that went to a high-performance car to a semi-intoxicated wanna be stock car racer wearing steel toed boots.

I have kept it up. I enjoy it. I have taken hiatus’s occasionally, and stepped away. i tried to quit once. I came back and with Calimu’s help, started this site.

Black Hills, South Dakota

It’s like a second skin. A place that gives me hope that in some day, years from now, an electronic archeologist may find at least one persons words on what amounts to silicon stone. Even if what I say is not agreed upon by many, it’s down, as my thoughts, and my take. A release valve even when all else goes south.

My new employer however, likes privacy. As much as doing deranged things like climbing a 300 ft tower in a storm due to a loose antennae is my hall mark, privacy is theirs. It is their unwritten motto, a mantra.

This blog, violates that.

So, Bingo.

Do I stay, or do I go?

In theory as long as I avoid anything that reflects upon them I should be fine. Which means effectively I would need to halt all political blogging immediately. However politics are something I enjoy, but it is the price of success. Sacrifice is something we go through as we advance in careers and in age. We learn there are things we simply can not do anymore, as we once did.

But this has been my goal. To get in to Project Management with the worlds largest IT group, doing the worlds largest roll outs. I have spent the last 4 years grooming myself for this job. Going to school, signing up for every half baked project for anyone he had one that came down the pike.

Outside Mobile, Alabama

I debated long and hard yesterday: do I shut the doors to RegisteredEvil, as we are just getting started? Just as traffic is getting good?

Facebook is the “way” of the future. We have next to zero of a commenter base. While we have readers, no one makes remarks, or comments. I empty over 100 spam comments a day. China loves us it seems.

On the same token we know our readership is out there. Folks have shopped at our store, stayed for hours on our site. We’ve even been cited by Wikipedia.

v00d3w’s career is also taking it’s toll. Even with two of us we are hard pressed to stay ahead, and provide content on a daily basis.

Where do we go from here? Our Bingo point. To move forward, or go back.

Kansas City, MO

My initial thoughts are to provide more quality content, and less quantity. To concentrate on the things that seem to have made us at least semi popular: Military, History, and Sports. Things that are non obtrusive and not likely to get me hammered by new and hopefully last, benefactor.

I say last because I fully intend, hope and desire, to not have to make another change. While the look on my accountants face when I bring him 13 W-2’s each year is some what amusing because I did 13 contracts with 13 companies in a single year, it’s a pain in the ass to keep up with frankly.

A honest-to-god Blue Northern rolls in to Montana

Stability is necessary. I’ve been a traveler for literally years. A IT Nomad almost. Everything from cell towers, central office facilities, retail stores, DSLAMS, fiber optic installation to migrations. Name a company: Verizon? AT&T? T-Mobile? Sprint? Crickett? Hughes? Northrop-Grumman? General Dynamics? Wal-Mart? Best Buy? I’ve been there. Never as a employee. Always the best man, never the groom.

Until now.

So lurkers. Your feed back is requested. Begged practically.

Do you want us to continue trying to supply you with content?

Or do you want us to lock the doors?

4 Responses to “Bingo”

  • Korimenei:

    I really have enjoyed reading your blogs,but I also know how important stability is.Knowing that you don’t have to travel far from home or learn new procedures on a weekly basis is a awesome feeling.I will miss reading your blogs,but ultimately if it means dream job(stability) vs. blog.I would go with dream job

  • Leave em open good buddy, we can blog on the weekends, and when we get a spare moment, things are hectic now, they will eventually smooth out…

    As far as the new diggs, they can’t limit personal speech, hell, if its that hard a topic as to irk them to the point of effecting your job, do it under my name, I fear not, as there are no repercussion that will come from my end of the employment world.

    If you do decide to close the doors, its been one hell of a ride :P

  • Thanks to both of you. I think we’re going to go for it I’m just going to have to censure myself

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