What a Weasel: Those down on Dooley




Thats me.

I’ve been listening to Tennessee Sports Radio via the Internet this week.

Before I go to much further let me first give kudo’s to Tony Basillo, Jayson Swain, Erik Ainge, and Wes Rucker at the station. These guys have been pounding the callers and fighting the ignorance every day this week. You can hear the disbelief and frustration in their voices.

I have been trying to keep my temper in check, but I just can’t keep it in check any longer. I won’t post this on RockyTopTalk because this sort of vitriol doesn’t belong there.

There comes a time when you need to just grab someone by the shirt collars and shake some sense in to them.

Enter me, stage right.

To the Tennessee “fan base” who “claim” to “support the team” and are calling for Dooley’s head, let me say this.


Have you lost your mind?

Where have you been?

Where you not here when we fired Phillip Fulmer?

Where you not here when Kiffin walked out the door?

Do you not understand that the fact that it wasn’t just a case of the last two coaches having not enough talented recruits its a case of there was no fucking talented recruits in our program?

None! Zilch! Zero! Nada!

The only talent we had that stuck around just broke his gawddamn thumb last weekend and the other was an (alleged) drug addict.

Is that what your saying? That these men are not students? That even though they are in college you would rather have drug using, criminals and win games than successful young men who play football?


One full season. That is all Dooley has had here, and you folks are already calling for his head.

I used to have a lot of respect for Clay Travis. I used to think he was a pretty decent sports writer. In fact he is a good sports writer.

However he makes some really boneheaded decisions and declaring Derek Dooley to be on the hot seat after 1 full season is absolutely the most asinine,ridiculous, backasswards, mouth breathing, snot nosed, Craig James level stupid ideas he and anyone who feels Dooley should be gone, can have.

A program does not chance it’s course in a season. Hell it doesn’t change in two season, and only if your very very lucky, and bribing NCAA officials does it happen in a season.


You are not fans. Hell, you barely rank above human.  You are nothing more than arm chair quarterbacks, similar to those drunken oafs who throw Budweiser cans at their televisions. You are sickening. Greedy. Selfish.

What’s more you are totally clueless, and giving a bad name to the rest of us who are fans.

If you leave early in a game even when we are losing, your one of these.

If you think ESPN announcers who just got completely owned by Mike Leach for their complete lack of journalistic integrity, falsification of information, slander & libel are smarter than a Coach who knows, trains, works with and focuses your team…..your are completely and totally off your fucking rocker.


So if your one of the folks who is calling for Dooley’s head?


You are officially one of our Weasels.

The irony here is that our Weasel awards were created after Kiffin left, and he was the first.

Enjoy your victory.




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