I started back to school in 2008.

Most of my high school classmates got their degree’s long ago. I took the Army route instead, and set out to see the world. When that ran out I went cross country climbing cell towers, eventually working my way up to doing work inside the shelters and finally management.

It was a rough, rocky and long road.

I decided that if I wanted to get out of living in hotel rooms, working insane amounts of hours, and have something that resembled a real life I was going to have to do something. I had two, maybe three skills up to that point. I was good with communications equipment, I could motivate people, and I could stay awake for more hours than most. None of those three items alone was going to get me a job, and short of taking a job that required me to shoot people, my Army days weren’t much help frankly.

For almost four years non stop, I have stayed awake nights studying and writing papers. I have had less than 4 weeks off in that time, from school.

This coming Monday it all pays off. My last assignment, my final is due November 14, and those sleepless nights will end, at least for a few months. I will have at least partially caught up with my peers.

I got my Associate of Arts in Business at the end of 2009. Two days after I got it I was back in school working on my Bachelors of Science in Management. Thats what I am finishing.

Its hard to believe it’s almost over. Hard to believe that I will have time to myself, that I might actually be able to blog, write, or play music again.

Whats harder to swallow is the debt. After my GI Bill I am still in the hole over 50k. Paying this back is not going to be either fast or easy.

My current employer is phenomenal. I am hoping that my educational efforts will be rewarded appropriately.

No matter what however my personal goals at least have been met. I proved a lot of folks wrong, and most of all I managed to “change my stars“.

I received my first education from the military, one of hard choices, discipline, loyalty and brotherhood. Dedication, honour and integrity.

My second education came from The Road. Traveling the world, and our country, different places, different cities, new people, new hotel, new names, new work.

This is my third. It’s been the easiest in terms of physical labours, and one of my most difficult mostly because of what I experienced from my first two. I would like to hope that in some way, mayhaps I taught my classmates something as well. At my age I was the oldest freshman in my classes, and the most traveled. Several of my instructors had never been out of their own states let alone the country.

I hope this achievement will motivate my daughter as well; for if I can do this now, this late in life then anyone can.

For the moment however, a goal has been met, a dream realized.

When it’s all said and done, I just don’t think it gets better than that, aye?


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1   Sine Nomine    
November 6th, 2011 at 17:37

Excellent!! Take five, smoke em if you got em.