So Dana Loesch has written a pretty scathing article of Brad Lager over at

I know this because I, in turn, received a scathing E-mail from Mr Lager about those damn “unfactual bloggers”.

I’m not surprised. She’s good at that sort of thing and I have a lot of respect for her. I’m also not surprised at getting E-mails from a campaign that I A) am not following B) didn’t ask to receive E-mails from and C) have not even the remotest interest in the candidate in question.

I’ve been rooting for Pete Kinder ever since he forked over his own money to fight the healthcare law. That takes balls in my book, and his stance on illegal immigration is well known in these parts.  Besides that, frankly I’d take Barney the Purple Dragon over Claire McCaskill.

I will openly admit to knowing very little about Brad Lager and frankly what I do know I don’t care for.  Don’t take anything I say at value. I am a “nonfactual blogger” according to Mr. Lager.

Go view his voting record yourself.

My pet peeve? In 2006 Lager voted against  restricting the use of Eminent Domain.

And then he voted to expand it’s use to take help the government take our properties away from us.

He voted to expand abortion laws.

He voted to keep criminals out of prison.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. It’s all right there in black and white.

Just remember I’m not factual, and neither are any other bloggers out here. For the record, while Kinder isn’t spotless his record is much more solidly in my decision process frankly.

Frankly I didn’t have a dog in this hunt, and haven’t written one whit about it until i saw that “unfactual blogger” bit. It really torques my jaws when I see these silly half-assed lawyers degrade folks who are at the fore front of grass root operations.

You can see our retort to Mr Lager and his fine staff after the jump.

Dear Mr. Lager, (Or whom ever it is that is running this particular E-mail account.)
We are a party of those “nonfactual bloggers” that you refer to in the Letter you sent to Mr. Kinder.
In fact we have been part of those “nonfactual bloggers” since before there was a term “blogger”, starting our career back in 1995.
We’d like to take a moment to remind you it was Bloggers that took to the streets first regarding John Kerry’s military career. It was bloggers who brought Dan Rather to justice. It has been bloggers at the forefront of identifying falsehoods with Stolen Valor, and bloggers who are the first, before the so called fourth estate, to announce rights, wrongs, or otherwise.It has been bloggers, and grass roots activism that has made the GOP even remotely relevant in the last 5 years.
Right or wrong the article may be, we happen to know Dana Loesch and consider her an individual of integrity.
We am not certain as to how you got our particular E-mail address, but rest assured we are not pleased with it as we did not request your E-mails.
Please remove us from your E-mail chains in the future, if you would be so kind.
Our sincere thanks and respect,
The writers of Registered Evil.



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