Seriously. Somebody clue me in here. But whats left to be said by Tiger at this point?

It’s not like his actions have not been brazened across the globe.

It’s not like we have not heard from a dozen women he was involved with.

It’s not like we don’t know he couldn’t keep his fly zip, while married to a gorgeous super model.

I mean aside from the fact that any other red blooded man with an ounce of intellect would have kept his big mouth shut and his pants on for nobody but his honey (provided of course they were, too, married to a rich hot Swedish model.)

Tiger had it made dude. He already had everything.

So whats he going to say: “Hi. I’m Tiger Woods. I was a dumb ass. But when it comes to women I had one motto: Just do it!” or “I’m Tiger Woods and I want to introduce to my new sponsor: Extendaprick!”

Maybe it will be “I don’t see what the big deal is. I got several hole in ones now that I’m rich so my handicap has went wayyy down!”

I mean what idiot in his right mind would trade this:

Elin Nordegren-Woods

Elin Nordegren-Woods

For this:

Mindy Lawton

Mindy Lawton

Sorry, Tiger. But it doesn’t matter what you say. Your in the bunker, 9 strokes down, and you have just been handed a E-tool to make it to the fairway.

In this cowboys eyes, you just can’t fix stupid.

I just do not think it can be said better than this

I just do not think it can be said better than this

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1   AFSister    
February 19th, 2010 at 09:52

No amount of beauty, fame, or fortune brings true happiness. Been there, done that, have the divorce papers to prove it.

Something is obviously missing in their relationship- something deep and meaningful. True, Tiger used his fame and fortune to get other women and could just be an arrogant dillweed… but something made him look outside of his marriage. Maybe it was as simple as sex, but maybe not. Only Tiger knows what is really going on, and I highly doubt today’s press conference will release any inner truths. He’s just fighting for his image- which includes being a dedicated family man.

2   Bloodspite
February 22nd, 2010 at 07:52

It’s probably the sadist in me that immediately wants to kick celeb’s and politicians when they are down. I will readily admit my own bias against them. Frailty is my watchword in this case I guess :)

I tried not to kick him too hard, but wanted the post to be more of “You have *got* to be kidding me, what are you NUTS!?” approach.

I’m not sure I did that but again, my inner Sadist enjoyed every letter I must sinfully confess!

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