My life as an adult has recently started at 31 years old…

You see, I have squandered most of my life away on pleasures of the illegal nature, I know what you’re thinking, but don’t give up on me yet.  Its easy to skate through life not caring about what happens next, hell, look at the 60’s.  I lived with my parents until i was 30, not that I wasn’t ready to leave the nest, it was just simpler to stay there, I had no bills, accept for my car payment.  If I lost my job, well, mom and dad wouldnt kick me out of the house, I just lounged around until I fount the next mediocre job.  I was a child of the night, stayed awake most of my 20’s and loved every minute of it.  I had a million friends, and life was good…..

About 2 years ago, however, things got real bad for me.  I started loosing everything I had worked for one by one.  Not that it hadn’t happened before, I always seemed to loose the important things I had gained, but this time it was for real.  It started when I refused to go home one day, my mother and I gotten into a huge fight, and I said to my father “I’ll just stay at a friends place for a few days”.  What a load of BS.  Three months later, I was living in a house with 4 other people with no water, stolen power, no food, and no money.  The only things I possesed were the things that I robbed from neiboring houses.  Through a series of coincidences, my parents had found out where I had been staying, and they set up a little trap for me.  My mom came right in to the house where I was at, marched right into the room I was in, and pleaded with me to come to her house and talk to her.  Now, the year before I “disapeared”, I had been a very active member of Narcotics Anonymous and had many caring friends there.  When I arrived at my parents house, there stood my father, and one of my closest NA friends.  They talked me into joining a rehab facility called The Extension and by doing that, saved my life.

Today, life is full of wonder, and possibility.  I have a beautiful wife, a brand new baby boy, a job that I actually like showing up at, and I have enough bills to keep me responsible for a lifetime…..and I couldn’t be having more fun than I am right now.

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1   Bloodspite
February 26th, 2010 at 09:46

And for the record dude it is extremely good to have you back among “the Living” as it were :)