When I was a boy, I recall people talking about my grandfather.

“His garden is always so pristine, and well taken care of. He works slow, but his time is in his work.”

It was a good compliment, that a persons time was in there work.

Today it seems not so much. People do not seem to be interested in the value of a job well done, unless it is done at the speed of light.

This rush rush rush fire aim ready type of business that I see from most companies, and practically every company I have been involved in, leads them to make the same mistakes over and over again.

One company I was involved with didn’t believe me when I told them at some point they needed to plan their projects based on drive hours, times and the federal driving laws. Several thousand dollars and one stopped truck later driving logs are mandantory, but the enforcement is nill and many of the drivers are pressured to keep “false” books.

Whats the point? Endanger a persons life for the sake of a hours?

What will they say if the person swerves in to a lane and kills a family of four? “Gee that sucks. Ol Bob was a good tech, he violated every law and regulation we told him too”?

In my current industry we are besieged with deadlines that are next to impossible to downright ludicrous.  There is no semblance of actual management, but rather of being driven by a stick. There is no evaluation of our abilities, logistics and methodology before creating milestones. We’d rather have a job done in nothing flat, then have it done right.

Today all are disposable.

We hire contractors temporarily so we don’t have to pay benefits. We out source to other countries to pay lower salaries and longer hours to meet deadlines and to reduce over head.

I’m studying Business Management, and I’ve worked for over 19 of the Top 100 Global Companies all of them making the same mistakes over and over. All of them saying they want to fix the problem but never doing so. And all of them knowing how much money they spend on the relentless deadlines, only to have poor quality workmanship.

The value in a job, isn’t the same, and thusly the value of the worker isn’t the same.

I can’t count the amount of times I have worked 100 hour weeks for companies, only to be let go at the end. Sacrifice? Bah. The almighty dollar rules all.

Work 30 years for company and retire?

Not today.

I joined the military fearing this as I had already worked for IBM, Packard Bell, and the IT Division for Holiday Inn by the time I went active duty Army.

Losing my military service was a huge blow and I have done my best ever since.

But the value in a job well done is no longer received well. And sacrifices are no longer considered a privilige of the company but rather a requirement with no honor or even a thank you.

Perhaps I am just too driven by my owns ideaology of how things should be. Or perhaps I hold too many things true, like honor and respect, that no longer true in this so called “modern” business world.

I see no honor in having a person work 100 hours a week, miss important events with family, be available all hours of the day and night, working weekends, and then releasing them to save $2 per hour.

I wonder, if perhaps my Grandfather to was reticent.

For when I went out to seek fame and fortune after the Army he told me with a wry smile, “If you want to know what God thinks of money lad, then just look at them he gives it to.”

Aye. I do, Grandad. I do.

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1   ry    
September 15th, 2009 at 13:16

(raises fist and nods head in agreement)

Heh. I got a scar over my eye thinking just as you did, Bloodspite, while dealing with the same pressures(hurry up and get it done, less than 20 minute wait times!)

Yeah, driver pressures suck @$$. It’s like companies don’t care that a guy burns out. No honor amoungst theives it seems, anymore.

2   Bloodspite    
September 16th, 2009 at 07:41

Exactly. And its not just driver companies, it’s tech companies. The driver situation a I mentioned are field techs who fall in to the weight/business category with a company I used to work for. It’s sad that current companies are willing to not only endanger their drivers, and techs, but everyone else on the road as well as have no remorse for causing one of those individuals to possibly lose their license. Is the company going to bail you out? No. Is the company going to take care of you? Pay your bills? Just disheartening.