Yes Folks. it is indeed that time again.

Feel free to use this Image, to link back to this post!

Feel free to use this Image, to link back to this post!

Those of you new around here may recall the annual Techography St Patricks Day Blog Bash.

This marks the 5th year we have held it, and even though I’m not technically with Techography anymore we are still affiliated. Thusly instead of this being the “1st Annual Registered Evil…” I said to thell with it because it’s been my kiester hosting it, even when nobody showed up :)

The last few years have gotten us more folks however and I’m looking forward to this year.

As is the usual we will be holding our Blog Bash at The Celtic Grill in Bentonville, AR that “bastion of Ireland”

While Bentonville may not be home to a high Irish population, the Grill is without a doubt the most authentic loation in the region. And it’s typically home to at least one real Irishman, once a month or more.

And every St Patricks Day said Irishman brings a whole bunch of his web reading/writing buddies as well as friends for a night of cold Guinness, Irish Stew, and Reuben Sandwiches.

We hope to see ya there! Party starts when we show up. If you need my contact information drop me a comment here, using your E-mail address and I will contact you with my own information. I also typically give a description of our clothing so you have an idea who to look for

It’s standing room only 90% of the time so if someone can obtain us a table early you’ll have my thanks!!

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