Who’s leading UGA QB derby?

No one knows right now, but Saturday’s closed scrimmage might help answer question.



ATHENS –- Each day, Georgia’s quarterbacks meet with their position coach, Mike Bobo. One topic never comes up in those meetings: a pecking order among the three quarterbacks competing this spring to be the Bulldogs’ starter.

“Coach Bobo really isn’t telling anybody, ‘You stand here,’ ‘You stand here,’” Logan Gray said.

“No, Coach Bobo hasn’t said anything, him or Coach Richt,” Aaron Murray said.

The three quarterbacks -– Gray, Murray and Zach Mettenberger –- have evenly shared snaps with the first-team offense in the seven sessions of spring practice so far. And they will do so Saturday morning when the team holds a closed scrimmage in Sanford Stadium, undoubtedly the most important day yet in their competition.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Murray said. “Coach Richt was talking [Thursday] after practice that this is going to be the first test for everyone, to see where everyone is at, to see what we have learned, to see where we have come after two weeks of practice.”

The scrimmage will be Georgia’s first of three allowed by the NCAA during spring practice.

“This is my third spring, so obviously I’ve found out scrimmages in the spring are what are judged probably the most and the biggest,” Gray said. “With this being our first one, and with the quarterback competition going on how it is right now, obviously it’s going to be really important.

“But I don’t want to make it the end of the world,” Gray added. “If one of us has a not-so-good day, I don’t think that’s just going to kill us, or put somebody out of what’s going on. But I think everybody is going to be excited to go out there and go live for a long period of time and make plays at all positions.”

Gray’s view of the competition so far is that all three quarterbacks have had “really good days” and “days there could be improvement.”

He said the quarterbacks have focused on day-to-day progress, rather than fretting the high-profile competition.

“We’re just all three of us trying to get better and correct the mistakes we’re making,” he said. “I think all of us have done a good job of trying to come out and work hard every day and take care of our business.”

For his part, Gray believes he has improved his passing accuracy.

“I felt like I’ve had some really good days where I’ve been hitting my targets better maybe than I did in the past,” he said. “I just have to keep on running the offense on a consistent basis so the coaches know every single time I’m in the huddle hopefully something good can happen.”

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Wow, what a concept, have 3 of your QB’s actually compete for the top spot instead of just chosing one due to the fact that he is the Senior, hence the messed up season last year.  Maybe something finally hit Mark Richt in the head, and got him thinking clearly about how to run a football team.  I can see it now: 

{ begin dream sequence…….

   *blam!*…. whoah, what just nailed me in the head….wait a sec – I’m havin’ a vision —– I should let the best players on the team be in the First String, wow, it all makes sense now, It doesn’t matter if he is a senior or not, I should just let the best player start!   Better yet, I should have a competition to weed out the weak, and let the strongest prevail!!! 

end dream sequence. }

Well, with all that said,    GO DAWGS!!!!!!!



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