Bodies of Lies.

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Bill has an absolutely excellent rant over at the Castle regarding the Democrats actions on the Healthcare Bill and Veterans.

Lets Recoup some shall we, for those who may be behind here.

  1. First Obama wanted injured soldiers to pay for their own rehabilitation, and hospital care.

Never mind they are government employee’s. Nevermind, Congress sits in their fat asses  and happy arm chairs, sucking down Starbucks and bon-bons gets health coverage while working out of a friggin air-conditioned office. Forget that the president gets a fuckin mansion to live in paid for by the tax payers dollars while soldiers live in fuckin tents. Please try to disregard the fact that they get fuckin killed on orders from the above listed scum sucking motherless goat raping gutless wonders. And for you lefties bear in mind Your Wunderkind can bring them home any fucking time he wants but he’s left them there, so its still not by choice.

Obama backed off that one faster than you can say “National Fury.”

Do you recall Defense Secretary Robert Gates also backpeddling swearing up and down that he would take care of Veterans after the completely worthless Health Care bill was past earlier this week? No? Let me help you.

Do you recall American Legion Commander Hill being given a personal guarantee that we Veterans would be taken care of and not forgotten?

“I have been assured personally by the President, Secretary of Defense, VA Secretary, Speaker of the House, Majority Leaders, and numerous other Senators and Representatives – as has National Commander David Rehbein before me – that nothing in the national health care reform legislation will change current DoD and VA health care eligibility or practices,” said The American Legion National Commander Clarence E. Hill concerning the outcome of the health care vote on Sunday.

If you needed any further proof that this Administration:






Care for we Veterans….You need look no farther than here.

Not One Bill has been rejected.

Not Two

Portrait of Marine Staff Stg. John Jones by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Portrait of Marine Staff Stg. John Jones by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders

Three bills to protect me and other Veterans Healthcare that we fucking well earned through the service to our country.

Some of us paying for that coverage in blood.

Some of us paying with more.

And this is our repayment?


One of those bills would have completely repealed the new tax, another would have exempted those in veteran’s health programs and members of TRICARE (the government insurance plan for military personnel, veterans and their families) from its impact, and a third would have exempted children and the disabled, including disabled veterans.

Sen. Roberts’s amendment to repeal the medical-devices tax was defeated 56-42. Sen. Inhofe’s amendment to exclude children and the disabled was defeated 57-41. And Sen. Hatch’s amendment to exclude people insured by TRICARE or in veteran’s health programs was defeated 54-44.

Ladies and gentlemen.

The Democratic Party, and this Administration’s word is not worth a dick slap to the face.

They will sell their souls to get their way. They will tell you anything to get your support. They have no loyalty. No patriotism. No sense of honor. No pride for their country or themselves. There is not even a shred of responsibility running through their veins.

This is beyond a travesty. This is an absolute fucking outrage.

I, (NAME), do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to regulations and the Uniform Code of Military Justice. So help me God.

Earlier I begged for patience. I asked for time. And I pleeded with those who spoke harshly. I pointed out it was not our elected officials.

The latter part is still true.

But we put your sorry lying asses in to office.

We can take you the fuck out of them too.

2 Responses to “Bodies of Lies.”

  • I’ll give you 1/2 correct credit on this one. True, the Dem Senate voted down those amendments, but you may want to check on the Webb Amendment that read nearly identically and see that the GOP voted against that one. Both would have done the same thing essentially (clarified that all DoD and VA Health Care Delivery Systems qualified) but the Democrats wanted the credit, and so they tried to go with the Democrat one. The initial thinking by the Democrats in voting these amendments down was to avoid having to vote on the entire bill again in the house, so they tried to do it seperately. What happened subsequently though was that the Parliamentarian sent it back anyway, and it was passed.

    Please email me at if you want some more info on all that.

  • I’ll drop you a line soon as I get home sir, thanks for the note. And I’m not above posting retractions if I am wrong, and honestly I hope to god you are correct

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