In one of my recent posts on Politicians in the News, I joked about Hank Johnson.  I found out this morning that Hank is suffering from Hepatitis C and it has taken effect on his speach and thought patterns.  Those who know him know that he has a quite dry sense of humor, and apparently when he made the comments on Guam “capsizing” he meant it as a metaphor for an overcrowding nation.  Now, as much as I like finding humor in other peoples stupid comments, I will not be a part of making fun of someone because of an illness, thats just not my style.  So, Hank, I formally appologise if I was insensitive to your condition.  That being said, if this illness did not effect your speach or thought process, that really was a dumb comment, and it really was funny.  Furthermore:  If you are using your illness to cover up the fact that you said something stupid, and playing off the general populations emotions, well then, you have a whole other set of problems.




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1   Bloodspite
April 2nd, 2010 at 08:18

Food for thought: If he is that screwed up due to medication…why is he even in office…furthermore why is he asking questions of Admirals at hearings?

Hep C is permanent. If he is so loopy that he can not function the duties of his office, then he should be replaced.

2   v00d3W
April 2nd, 2010 at 08:37

So true, when he is up for re-election, he will eventually have to debate, thats how the weak are weded out anyway, right?