Rules of Engagement (or BloodSpites Law)

And that the said Constitution be never construed to authorize Congress to infringe the just liberty of the press,  or the rights of conscience; or to prevent the people of the United States, who are peaceable citizens, from keeping their own arms; or to raise standing armies, unless necessary for the defense of the United States, or of some one or more of them; or to prevent the people from petitioning, in a peaceable and orderly manner, the federal legislature, for a redress of grievances; or to subject the people to unreasonable searches and seizures of their persons, papers or possession

Samuel Adams Debates and Proceedings in the Convention of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 1788 (Pierce & Hale, eds., Boston, 1850)

In the last decade there has been a disturbing trend in American politics.

Lawsuits, civil suits, court hearings, recounts, and accusations.

Poor losers in all respects and on both sides of the aisle.

But the one that annoys me the most is the calls to “unpatriotic” accusations from both parties.

Patriotism is not a slogan. it’s not a 10 second media add on your TV after your evening News. It is something that men and women of every color and creed, of all denominations and of no denominations, as well as those of all political aspects have died for. It isn’t something to be used to rally people in some Braveheart stylization to a call that otherwise would go unnoticed.

However media moguls, and politicians of the modern era use it, not as a source of pride, as a sense of nationalism, but rather as a tool to divide, and to dissuade. That is not the way to unite a country.

The ideology behind the premise that someone believes different than yourself or who is not marching along with the rest of the parade in perfect lockstep is unpatriotic is as ridiculous to me as calling the Quakers who served as Medical Corpsman in the military during the first World Wars cowards.

I have written on line for well over 15 years. This makes only the 3rd website in that 15 year period I have ever written at. I have watched and participated in on line trends for almost 20 years, albeit from a Generation X type viewpoint.

Thusly in the spirit of Godwins Law comes BloodSpites Law

“As any political debate over one subject grows longer, the probability of an accusation of one to another in the discussion regarding their patriotism to their country becomes 1.”

I could say that it started with David Frum in 2003. I would be wrong. But his words are some that rankled me then and they rankle me now.

Maybe it is the latest vocalizations against protest groups like the Tea Party, or perhaps vocalizations from the group themselves.

If anyone needs a quick lesson regarding the double standard from politicians and the over-used and less than understood accusations of the lack of patriotism, one need only look at Nancy Pelosi for one instance.

In this video Pelosi says “…it is patriotic to dissent…”

Now compare it to a more current video

By this, it can be drawn that “Unpatriotic” is a moot argument to any debate. It is a fallacy, a red herring, a word that has no bearing or meaning, meant only to anger, inflame and draw a reaction from the accused by the accuser.

Keep in mind I am not arguing the protests versus Bush in comparison to the protests versus Obama.

What I am doing is showing a precedent, one of coercion by the political powers that be to urge the masses in one direction or another through the use of definitions, words and a play on emotions.

It is a card straight from the works of Lenin.

The history of all countries shows that the working class, exclusively by its own effort, is able to develop only trade-union consciousness, i.e., the conviction that it is necessary to combine in unions, fight the employers, and strive to compel the government to pass this or that necessary labour law, etc.

Vladimir Lenin What is to Be Done? 1901

In other words, keep the populace busy amongst itself, so the government can do its work unabated.

The irony is, ignoring it could be deemed unpatriotic as well.

One Response to “Rules of Engagement (or BloodSpites Law)”

  • Nice, very well stated. The fact is that when we do protest, and march, and organize publicly, so long as it serves the greater good of our country – that in itself is very patriotic. It we stand still, and keep quiet, and not let our voices be heard about things that we want changed, that is the true meaning of being unpatriotic, in my opinion. Too many good people have fought and lost thier lives so that we can enjoy the right to stand up and tell the government just how we feel, and let them know that if they try to pull something slick that goes against the true spitit of America, we will come together and tell them that it will not be ignored.

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