Theres always someone crying “racism”. *Waaaah!*

This may be a little “racy” If you are a free thinker, and aren’t scared of my opinion on the subject, then read on.  If you are afraid of being offended, then go away :)  -v00d3W

All right, this has gone a bit too far.  Seems like every time someone opposes a black person, they cry out “racism”.  Gimmie a break.  This “racism card” has been pulled way too many times, and the second someone says it, the whole world seems to agree, whether or not there’s facts or proof to back it up.  Case in point: there’s this BS

How about some facts, instead of firing off with blind allegations, lets examine some. 

Fact one:  When the Democrats marched through the gathered Tea Party activists, and heard the so-called “racial” slurs, they did it by choice.  They have an underground tunnel to get to the capitol building, and did not have to walk surface streets.

Fact two:  ummmm…there is not one shred of proof, no recordings, no videos, and no witnesses to these so called remarks.

Fact three:  There is a $10,000 reward for any proof of the slurs at John Lewis.  No one has come forward.

This whole situation is the Democrats way of discrediting the Tea Party movement, to which I am a proud member, and it is their way of trying to make us go away. 

Fact four:  We are not going a way.  The previously named “Silent Majoraty” is not silent anymore.

We are Americans who have been awoken by the threat of big Government, and we are mad, and starting to get very organized.  November 2cnd will be our triumph date, and we continue to gather strength.  This “racist” crap is just that, you can’t stop the American people, and you can’t silence our voice. 

Just a side note:  To all you who think that the Tea Party is opposed to Government, “let me be clear”  We are against Big Government, not all government.  We believe that we do need a well structured, functional government – not an all powerful vindictive one, which is the way things seem to be headed.




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