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Building a Home Library: Phase III

Phase I is here

Phase II is here

So we finally got the majority of the room complete and we have steadily been filling our shelves with the boxes of books we have had in storage for what seems like eons.

One thing to keep in mind, that while this is a Library room, its also meant to act as a quasi study, a Victorian, or throwback room heralding to our former culture norms, a room that is comfortable and made for relaxing, ready and quiet reflection. We wanted it to be old looking, and old feeling from start to finish, with only a handful of modern conveniences.

With that in mind lets be off!

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Building a home Library: Phase II

In case you missed somehow, Phase I is located here.

So once the room basics were in place it was time to get serious.

First we had to take the sofa, the fireplace, my humidor and the lamp out of the room.

Then using some left overs from putting in the floor, came the fun part. Fun being used here in total sarcasm.

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Building a home Library: Phase I

So the Domestic 6 and I decided to build a home Library. Its been something of a labour of love.

We’re old fashioned sorts, and I wanted to do something more with a Victorian/Steampunk feel.

We were inspired by some of the old Sherlock Holmes movies with colours and a lot of pictures of old Victorian libraries thanks to Google.

For fun and since I haven’t blogged anything in a coons age I figured I’d post what we did with a few how we did it’s.

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A little on Cigar types

If you are wondering what the difference is between all the different types of cigar wrappers out there, this guide will help to bring you up to speed.
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Lemme Upgrade Ya: How to Supe up your Humidor system

If you are like me you love your cigars and your humidor. Lets face it your humidor is more than just a place to store your cigars, or at least it should be. Its meant to be an heirloom, something with meaning, and that should last literally years. It’s not just a reflection of your hobby but of yourself.

As such, everyone has different ways of making sure their humidor stays at optimum humidity to ensure their stogies last for years to come.

Thats where this little nugget of info comes in.

Quick Note: Should you choose to do this I am in no way responsible for anything that you break, destroy, cease to be able to use, main, kill, burn, damage or otherwise manage to make unusable in any fashion. You take your own risks by doing this, just as I did when I did mine.
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7th Annual St Patrick’s Day Blog Bash

For over seven years we have hosted a St Patrick’s Day party at Celtic Grill in Bentonville, AR.

Seven years of cigars, Irish stew, Guinness and live music.

Its been a lot of fun. Celtic Grill is under new management, but at current we have nothing to fear and are welcome to join the festivities once again.

This year should be no different.

Please come join us Saturday the 17th. We’ll be there at 17:00 central time and first four lucky folks will get to share a cigar that I provide and I’ll buy the first round.

See you there!

Romeo’s Uptown Pipe & Cigar

I like what my father calls “homogenized business”.

Mom and Pop operations that are trying to make their way in the world of bottom lines, last dollar and otherwise chain establishments.

Fortunately no one has been able to come up with a brick & mortar chain of cigar bars yet. Romeo’s is no exception.

I’ve had the pleasure of sitting, visiting and smoking with Tom of Ponderings from a Piper’s Paradise. Tom is also one of only two people who work at Romeo”s. He’s a writer, blogger, and sports fan…all of which are things deer to this misplaced Irish Georgia boys heart. Thanks to his establishment, we have wiled away several hours talking about books, literature, writers, sports, and strung out hippies while toking on some very good cigars.

They have an excellent selection, and no they aren’t paying me for this post. Not even a free cigar.Tom & Larry are extremely knowledgeable and a couple of real nice guys. Thats the whole reason I’m giving them a plug. Well that and the fact that I want them to stay in business so sending some traffic and folks their way can’t hurt.

If your ever in Bentonville, you should drop in and say hi to Tom and Larry. Get a Master Blend cigar. Sit on the couch, and get a cup of coffee while you chat. Relax. Stay a while. Tell’im I sent you over.

Thats what a good cigar, and a good cigar bar, is all about. And no chain will ever replicate that.

I Found It!!

That’s right my friends, I have not only found my daily cigar, but the perfect combo.  Here it is:

CAO Brazilia Gol and a brand of Birch Beer only available up north:  Weis.

My perfect combo!

How I came up with this killer combo?  When I enjoy a nice cigar, I like to have a beverage with me to keep my mouth moistened, and my palate clean.  This past weekend, I was headed out to the porch to savor my newly found favorite moderately priced stogie, when I went to the fridge, I noticed I had nothing worth drinking, then I spotted my wife’s stash of Weis Birch Beer, and figured “what the hell, I’m, an adventurer”  and out I went.

I fired up my cigar, and took a few puffs, then opened the can, and what ensued was a barage of flavor, and distinct enjoyment.  The flavors of both the soda, and the smoke combined in what I can only describe as an erotic dance.

Now if you will excuse me, I am off to find a distributor of the Birch Beer, as I live in Georgia, and not up north.

Till next time, Happy Smoking.


6th Annual St Patrick’s Day Blog Bash

Yes Folks. It is indeed that time again.

Feel Free to use this image and link back to this post!

Those of you new around here may recall the annual Techography St. Patrick’s Day Blog Bash. The more recent may have attended last years Bash.

This marks the 6th year we have held it, and even though I’m not technically with Techography anymore we are still affiliated. Thusly since I am the host we’re still counting those days.

Effectively it’s my party and I can count it if I want too by gawd.

The last few years have gotten us more folks however and I’m looking forward to this year.

As is the usual we will be holding our Blog Bash at The Celtic Grill in Bentonville, AR that “bastion of Ireland” in Arkansas.

While Bentonville may not be home to a high Irish population, the Grill is without a doubt the most authentic location in the region and it’s typically home to at least one real Irishman, two or three times a month or more (namely yours truly).

Every St Patrick’s Day said Irishman brings a whole bunch of his web reading/writing buddies as well as friends for a night of cold Guinness, Irish Stew, and Reuben Sandwiches.

We hope to see ya there! Party starts when we show up. If you need my contact information drop me a comment here, using your E-mail address and I will contact you with my own information. I also typically give a description of our clothing so you have an idea who to look for. We even manage to give our trinkets for your attending from necklaces to autographed hats.

I have that day off so I will be there early, however as 90% of the time it’s standing room early we’ll try to get a table.

As added incentive true early birds will get one of my signature Erin Go Bragh cigars to smoke with your truly as well!

Taste of Fall

I know most folks like to sit back and smoke their cigars.

Yukon Blend Coffee with a shot of Jameson. Gurkha Cuban Legacy in Churchill

I like to walk.

Was a nice brisk cool morning yesterday, great weather for my traveling companions: a Gurkha Cuban Legacy and Yukon Blend coffee with a shot of Jameson.

Here’s a little photo-essay attempt with some random thoughts.
Feel free to click any of the images for a bigger version. Enjoy the walk, sorry if my mind tends to venture in to strange places. its just the way I am.

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Quote of the Day November 19, 2010: TGIF Edition

Man I thought we would never get here

This week has drug by slower than a 100 car banana train through South Georgia in June hauling pigs to slaughter while you sit in a 1970 Volkswagen at the rail-guard without an air-conditioner in rush hour.

Lets lighten the load shall we?

Power corrupts. Absolute power is kind of neat.

John Lehman

Now some groove tunes to get us through the day!

That’s it kids! 8 hours to the finish line! Sprint it out! Sprint it out!

Me? I’m going to get this day over with and hook up with some ol bud’s in Springfield since my other plans of going to Chicago got washed down the shitter. I got 2 Devils Weed and 2 Gurkha Cuban Legacy lined up to share with them and I think they have the beer so we should be good to go!

Adapt and overcome!

Catch ya’ll on the flip side!


v00d3w and I hang out with an excellent group of guys who love Cigars.

One of the many things that we, as a conclave so to speak, do is review cigars.

However there are two cigars that the group seem to be practically unanimous in despising.

The Tamboril and the Cremosa.

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Ka-BOOM!! Magnate dropped the Bomb!


I was feeding the baby when there was a knock at the door, I opened the door and saw the postman running for his life. Just then I looked down, and both me and baby were blown straight through the back of the house….

Cigars, and lighters,… and cutters…Oh My!!!!

I was truly blown away at the vastness, variety, expense, and trouble my friend had gone through to send me this Bomb, I am truly grateful :)

Thanks so much Magnate! ! ! ! ! !

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Need help with Class VI Packages

If you have ever been on a Army installation you know that we call the liquor store the Class VI. Has to do with the government nomenclature of the items contained within.

You also know that folks put together care packages for the troops. Not as well known is that there are folks who regularly put together Class VI or “Sin” Packages.

Sometimes we can ship booze, however there is another item that the Class VI sells that is not as well known.

Tobacco. If you have served on the tip of the spear you know that dip, and tobacco in almost any form becomes as valuable as gold.

Here’s the deal.
Anyone who wants to help with some “Sin” packages for the troops let me know. Cigars, Dip, Duct tape etc. Got a group of fellow cigar enthusiasts who send out regularly and thought it might be cool to reach out to my friends and fellow Milbloggers for some items.

Things we are looking for:

  • Cigars
  • Cigar cutters
  • small humidors (yes that little one that barely holds 10 cigars will work fine)
  • Beechnut, Levi Garrett, Red Man, etc. Any flavor
  • Copenhagen, Skoal, Kodiak etc. Any flavor
  • Lighters, matches, Zippo’s etc.
  • 100 MPH tape in OD Green or Black NO SILVER
  • Gatorade powder,  Water flavor packs like from Wal mart, any flavor
  • Heavy duty rubber bands (sometimes called Ranger bands, or Airborne bands) in black
  • Pocket knives, boot knives (don’t care if its made in China or Germany)
  • Batteries, in any size or shape. Anyone who has ever used NVG’s know how valuable these things are.
  • other assorted items that would be applicable to a “sin” tax (hence a “sin” package)

These are not to be party boxes.

We don’t want to have the DOD come hammer us for shipping 3 kegs and a crate of Scotch. While they would greatly appreciate it the logistics and liability factor is just too high.

What we are doing is supplying items that will not affect how they do their job. So smokes and chaw versus booze.

Everyone sends baby wipes, etc. We are doing something thats specifically different with a vastly different goal. Everyone wants to help them do their job, we want to help them take their mind off it.

If you have an issue with folks using smokes, etc. keep in mind: They are being shot at. They are being bombed. They are being ambushed. Who are we to tell them they can’t use tobacco? Next question please.

And here’s some food for thought on what Not to send.

All that said? Leave a comment or E-mail us at staff -at- We’ll work out the details from there.

Fellow bloggers do me a favor and pass this along please? Thanks

Cigar makers experience big shake-ups

It’s been a interesting week in the cigar industry.

Cain cigars

First Sam Leccia departed the Olivia brand. His contributions included the Cain line and the nUb line. Where he will end up is anyone’s guess.

However it has created some rumors.

CAO Brazilia

Especially when added to the recent departure of Tim Ozgener of CAO. Ozgener has been the CEO of CAO since 2006 and helped the company through some hard times. CAO is one of the premium cigar brands in the market as is Olivia.

Two of the industry leaders in almost as many days?

The cigar world waits and wonders!

Valour-IT Fundraiser Auction Part II: Statues, Medals &…Cigars?

UPDATED: Thanks to Ebay’s policies

We still got stuff by the droves folks!

Keep your eyes peeled as there will be new stuff added between now and the weekend as I understand it.

However, bear in mind that all of this must sell by Thursday November 11th!

So what can you get?

How about a statue of a pin up girl sniper?

Maybe an Airborne Skull bank?

Or what about an Operation Iraqi Freedom medallion?

Keep in mind all of these items are donated by military veterans and bloggers like yours truly!

In fact in the next few days you should see my own contribution showing up at the auction website:

Well so much for that. E-bay has shot us down. So here’s the deal.

Whom ever can send me their E-mail acknowledgement for the highest donation in the next 48 hours will get the cigars. That simple. Just e-mail us at: staff Remove any sensitive information, and show us how much you donated.

The person with the highest donation wins!

A Box of 20 Gurkha Cuban Legacy cigars!

  • These are the “Robusto” size 5.5 long with a ring gauge of 50 these are the latest line from Gurkha and are exceptionally well made!
  • Sent in their own wooden Gurkha cigar box
  • Made in Nicaragua!
  • Enclosed will be a Manacunda brand guillotine style cigar cutter, and a letter from we here at Registered Evil autographed and on our custom “stationary”. (Probably won’t get you any invites to the next Diplomatic Ball but it will be nifty in itself! )

Keep in mind this may be your chance to get these smokes for a steal if you plan it right, so you need to be on top of your game to grab’em! And remember that every dime will go to supplying wounded military members with voice activated laptops to communicate with home, so these are smokes worth smoking and spending on!!

When will they show up on the auction block? I’m not tellin’.

So you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled to find out for yourself!

Enter: My Humidor.

Today is a great day, not only because of the very favorable Mid Term Elections,but because I got my Humidor stable, and I have received my first (of many, I’m sure) of quality Cigars.

Here are a few pics of the process. (I apologize for the bad quality of the photos)

Day one, its a 3 drawer Napoleon No. II Humidor

More after the jump…

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IM’s from the Edge: October 29, 2010

bloodspite:  Apparently in 1 hour or so?

My office will be filled with children of all ages

v00d3w:  they are starting to show up here too

bloodspite: All i have on my desk is my travel humidor

v00d3w:   ? oh, you need candy huh

bloodspite:   Well

Its either that
Or I’m gonna be on the news

v00d3w:   <.<

bloodspite:    As 6 year olds walk out of the Playground company puffing on La Gloria Cubanos

v00d3w:  lmao
that’d actually be funny to see

bloodspite: I’m sure their parents would be pleased

v00d3w:   but isnt it all about the kids?

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