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Building a Home Library: Phase III

Phase I is here

Phase II is here

So we finally got the majority of the room complete and we have steadily been filling our shelves with the boxes of books we have had in storage for what seems like eons.

One thing to keep in mind, that while this is a Library room, its also meant to act as a quasi study, a Victorian, or throwback room heralding to our former culture norms, a room that is comfortable and made for relaxing, ready and quiet reflection. We wanted it to be old looking, and old feeling from start to finish, with only a handful of modern conveniences.

With that in mind lets be off!

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Building a home Library: Phase II

In case you missed somehow, Phase I is located here.

So once the room basics were in place it was time to get serious.

First we had to take the sofa, the fireplace, my humidor and the lamp out of the room.

Then using some left overs from putting in the floor, came the fun part. Fun being used here in total sarcasm.

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Building a home Library: Phase I

So the Domestic 6 and I decided to build a home Library. Its been something of a labour of love.

We’re old fashioned sorts, and I wanted to do something more with a Victorian/Steampunk feel.

We were inspired by some of the old Sherlock Holmes movies with colours and a lot of pictures of old Victorian libraries thanks to Google.

For fun and since I haven’t blogged anything in a coons age I figured I’d post what we did with a few how we did it’s.

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A little on Cigar types

If you are wondering what the difference is between all the different types of cigar wrappers out there, this guide will help to bring you up to speed.
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Lemme Upgrade Ya: How to Supe up your Humidor system

If you are like me you love your cigars and your humidor. Lets face it your humidor is more than just a place to store your cigars, or at least it should be. Its meant to be an heirloom, something with meaning, and that should last literally years. It’s not just a reflection of your hobby but of yourself.

As such, everyone has different ways of making sure their humidor stays at optimum humidity to ensure their stogies last for years to come.

Thats where this little nugget of info comes in.

Quick Note: Should you choose to do this I am in no way responsible for anything that you break, destroy, cease to be able to use, main, kill, burn, damage or otherwise manage to make unusable in any fashion. You take your own risks by doing this, just as I did when I did mine.
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2010 Volunteers Game Day Cigars

Its a Tradition around me, as my friends will note, to have celebratory cigars.

We have them for graduations, birthdays, parties and most very importantly, tailgates.

I stock each year for my football games and tailgating adventures. I start buying literally in January because lets face it, cigars are not cheap. I plan according to how many partakers will be available and varying types of weather as well as how the game may go. From this I choose the type, and the amount to purchase.

Its a very difficult position to choose a cigar based on how difficult a football game will be and months in advance with schedule changes. Even more so when you know that every game your team has this year will be a dogfight. I do my best.

Thusly, I present to you the game cigars for the 2010 Tennessee Volunteer season
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Erin Go Bragh – The Cigar

Hands down, this is one of my favorite cigars.

Not because it uses irish Whiskey, which it does.

Not because of the irish label, which it has.

I can sum it up in one word: Flavor.

It is an excellent mild to medium smoke, which has held a position in my personal humidor for over three years.

Each year I buy about two boxes of these, one for myself, and one for OfficerT (a close friend and sometimes reader/writer both here and at Techography). We have usually ran through at least one entire box by the middle of the year.

I always save one that is at least a year old for St Patrick’s Day, but we also bring’em out come football and rugby season.

As a infused cigar, they aren’t typically popular with the puritan cigar crowd. While I love my non-infused cigars, there is something about these that just makes you want to kick back on your porch with a glass of Green Spot on the rocks and vegetate.

  • The flavor is consistent from start to finish, and leaves a light slightly whiskey flavored taste upon ones lips.
  • The cigar is mild, to not quite medium in flavor.
  • The cigar is slightly spongy, but not weak in structure.
  • It lights easy, and stays lit well
  • It leaves a mild after taste that gives one a nutty flavor, like hazelnut almost
  • Connecticut wrapper from Ecuador.
  • Dominican Republic Filler

I typically get these in the Toro size, 6 by 50.  The Churchill is nice, but I’m not a big fan of 47 ring gauge personally. your tastes may vary

If your looking for a good conversational smoke with some friends over, I think this is a masterpiece cigar. Not too strong, not too light, but made for enjoying time with friends or family.

Radio Intercepts

Sad day I loved Zell and often wished he would have ran for President…

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