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This isn’t really a Fathers day post. But in many ways it is. I wrote it originally in October of 2010. The more I go over it and see the relationship between my own father, and his father to me I am forced to think that despite the undertone…maybe it is about Fathers Day after all.

When your coming home Dad, I don’t know when
But we’ll get together then yea
You know we’ll have a good time then…

My Dad and I hold this song between us. Its a bit of a testament to when he was in the Navy and gone for months at a time. Before Facebook. Before Skype. Before E-mail. Before cellphones. Deployments on a Aircraft Carrier could keep him gone most of a year with little to no communication save letters via the ever so slow US postal service.

I got a lot of E-mails and Facebook comments with my rendition of Glory to Georgia. Couple of folks didn’t know I played.

I don’t…play well that is. I have a bad habit of repeating rifts over and over especially if I am singing.

My Dad, the man who taught me? He plays and does so semi professionally. If you like bluegrass you can see him on youtube as well.

But music has always been our bond.

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And another great man falls to a little thing.

I’m constantly being frustrated by my lack of ability to do things as well as I used too, such as play my guitar for example.

I have good days, and then have bad days.

On really bad days I’d probably be better off mixing martini’s for James Bond.

But I make do. It’s not horrific yet. However news releases like this serve as both inspiration, and sobering realization:

I can still do something.

And in the end it will still win.

And of course heaven forbid stem cell research is of the devil. Meanwhile me, and about 500,000 other Americans are just as dead.

The thing to do is recall what Lt. Col. Ronald Speirs said.” We’re all scared. …..the only hope you have is to accept the fact that you’re already dead. And the sooner you accept that, the sooner you’ll be able to function as a soldier is supposed to function. ……Without remorse. All war depends upon it.”

We’re all worm dirt eventually.

Some of us just sooner than others.

Make the best of it!

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