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The event where yours truly goes mainstream…..

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I consider anyone whom has let me and mine sleep at their house, fed me, shown me the local sights in their area and effectively treat me like family a friend.

Which is to say I consider Blake Powers a friend. Through the years we have passed E-mails, occasional telephone calls and sworn we will have to get together again but the timing is always bad.

Now we have another reason to get together and host a couple of jars.

See Blake has finally published his book regarding his military embed time. You can find a copy here that will not only help Blake but also help with his pet military assistance project Cooking with The Troops.

As DBS rightly points out Blake isn’t in to advertising. But thats what we’re for right? ;)

So if you get a chance, pick up a copy of the book. It will be well worth your time, and a good read.

Consider this a strong recommendation from yours truly the “book snob”.


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V00d3w has the helm around here for today and tomorrow

As for Me? I’m out of here. Feel free to join me

See you cats on Monday!

Click the image for your own printable version!

Door hanger courtesy of Matty O’Blackfive

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For over seven years we have hosted a St Patrick’s Day party at Celtic Grill in Bentonville, AR.

Seven years of cigars, Irish stew, Guinness and live music.

Its been a lot of fun. Celtic Grill is under new management, but at current we have nothing to fear and are welcome to join the festivities once again.

This year should be no different.

Please come join us Saturday the 17th. We’ll be there at 17:00 central time and first four lucky folks will get to share a cigar that I provide and I’ll buy the first round.

See you there!

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The unbearable lightness of Lex…

For the last several years literally hundreds of us have been greeted with that banner, repeatedly.

Whom can forget the infamous “pink” Hornet?

For many of us we awoke and found those words painful this morning.

And thats not how he would have wanted it. Miles apart the modern world of technology has brought us close.

I’ll be holding a Cyber Wake here. All comers are welcome, for no one should drink alone.

I will open comments to the world for the night, for us to share stories of the indomitable Lex and hold as close to a wake as was possible with those of us who found him more than just a man, a pilot, or a Milblogger..but a friend.

Officially I’ll unlock comments starting at 18:00 Central Standard Time.

Unofficially, let this post start the works.
Let the stories, links, music and words flow freely and let the dancing begin.

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It’s March again.

I wanted to write this post earlier this week and have it prepped. Unfortunately I’ve been sick the vast majority of the week and frankly anything aside from my eyelids has been a painful undertaking these last several days.

That aside, March has been a special time of the year for this website since its inception.

Long time readers know that every March we turn the page green with the woods of Ireland, and our pages are graced with myth, history and stories about the green isle.

It’s with this 1st of March that I am happy to again paint out pages green, and put forth stories both new and old from previous years to help share the wonder that is being Irish, and Ireland.

I try not to take to much a political vein in my posts, I love Ireland for what it is, what it was, and what it can be. My family left its shore many years ago and I make no denials that many current Irishman would consider me a “Plastic Paddy”. That does not diminish my efforts, or my desire to give some under standings to the struggles our people have been through, or the legends that we were given.

That said join us won’t you? As we celebrate the green month once again, and another year of being Irish, in America!

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Well I’m still playing catch up.

So I managed to corral an old blog buddy from my Techo days to come around and give us a hand.

You should be seeing him post soon, and be sure to welcome him to the party as well eh?

Hopefully we can get some content rolling.

With March coming up we’ll be changing to our usual Irish themed layout. I’ll be reposting some of our Irish History work, and posting some new ones as well.

Probably my favorite time of year for blogging frankly

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FLASH: Earthquake of 5.9 magnitude strikes near New Zealand’s Christchurch: USGS

Updates as they become available…

Christchurch police say there has been a collapse at Scarborough rockface, but no injuries and collapse contained

Update – Quake near New Zealand’s Christchurch prompted evacuation of buildings, was “incredibly violent””
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are greatly exaggerated.

No we aren’t dead. This past week was finals week for me, and my new job has me in a lot of training classes.

That said I am still working on trying to maneuver the blog in to my regular time schedule. It has been a challenge quite frankly.

Between school, work, studying for my GMAT and the gym making time has been difficult to say the very least. Toss in my volunteer work with the NOAA and you can see how I’m doing good to even show up here.

That said.

I’m working on another Cold War expose. I’m hoping it is as widely received as our previous work.

With that in mind I’m looking for any Cold Warriors willing to share stories from that era. I’ve sent out E-mails on the subject, and I’m trying to get my own act together to focus my work on said topical area.

In the mean time, don’t delete that bookmark yet, and don’t turn the dial. We have yet to go quietly in to that good night, and I have no plans to do so just yet.

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So we have 11 days. In the next 11 days I will be wrapping up a lot of details at my current job, and preparing for my new one. After that time I’ll be joining the quote “Big Leagues” and will be changing some of my habits.

After much discussion, folks input, and E-mails as well as commentary, the decision has been made to keep the doors open here at Registered Evil, and see how it goes.

If we attract no H&I fire, we’ll keep it operation.

If we start taking rounds, I pull the plug.
Sorry folks but family welfare takes priority over much beloved hobbies.

I, personally, will be cutting back not only on when I blog, but what I blog. Sports, Military and History will probably become my forte. Look for more stories like this, to give you an example.

V00d3w will be picking up the slack on political commentary, as well as anyone else who wants to sign up.

We have only a few rules: no pr0n, no Boonie Rat speak*, always consider OPSEC** and keep it civil***. That’s it. Any subject is a go, and nothing else is taboo.

So you want to be a blogger? Want to be a MilBlogger?
Consider this your recruiting call.

Drop us a line here, on Twitter or on Facebook.

* below the jump

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As I alluded to earlier I’ll be away most of this morning.

Going to be a very busy day from the onset. I’ll announce the results as soon as I have them. As the esteemed Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, ‘Always do what you are afraid to do.’”. Thusly today I go forth to do what I have been afraid to do thus far.

Meanwhile don’t forget to join me tonight via the RockyTopTalk Podcast as we talk Missouri State University and University of Tennessee Basketball, coaches and other points of interest.

Ya’ll be good, and try not to spill anything on the carpet will ya?

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Got some changes coming round here.

We are in the last week of our Irish dedication, and I hope you have enjoyed our stories of Ireland, as well as the music and quotes from the country as well.

The big change is up in the air. We ask that you cross your fingers. It is something I, at least, have been striving for a very long time to gain a footing within. Because of this, there is a high possibility that our blogging may experience a transition in the near future. Some things are happening in my career that may make blogging either more common, or regular. Currently I try to have posts up by no later than 9 am. That time may shift to extremely early, or conversely extremely late.

However while the transition takes place we may go a few days without a post. We are not quitting. Careers just take precedence you know?

Otherwise continue to expect your College Sports coverage, political analysis, cigar reviews and other material of eclectic interest you have come to know and love.

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I haven’t been on our normal schedule this week due to technical interruptions. Unfortunately those communicative interruptions are chronic, and myself as well as the 3 tech support groups have been banging our perspective heads against the proverbial wall. Not helping is the method of procedure one of the help desk centers insists on using.

My sincere apologies and I will do my best to get back on a normal blog schedule as the situation allows!

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This article being updated regularly (sometimes as often as several times a minute at current) Please hit your refresh button regularly to see the latest updates at the bottom of the page.

Earthquake and Tsunami Hits Japan and the Pacific Region

The first sign of a tsunami arriving is the water pulling away from the coastline. It’s being reported Diamond Head Reef is now exposed -@TWCBreaking

Here is a link to the Arrival Times

Since BloodSpite and I are extremely busy today, here is a Live News Feed to keep you abreast:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

We’ll be updating this throughout the day. Please check the jump for latest updates. Follow us on Twitter for up to the minute reports from sources including the Pacific Tsunami Center, US Military, and NOAA.

We’ll do the work so you don’t have too.

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I’m home sick. Trying to work on my finals for college this week and finding it difficult through the haze of antibiotics, drugs, and flem. It’s great fun let me tell you.

However I would be remiss if I did not mention that today is my good friend, brother in blog, and one of the remaining Merry Men with whom I ran with in my younger years birthday.

Happy Birthday V00d3w

Got some goodies for ya after the jump, that should keep you entertained! Possibly NSFWish depending on how uptight your place of employment is.

Maybe I shouldn’t phrased that quite like that…..

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Every March our long term readers know that things get a little more….green around here. We also focus about 90% of our article writing to all things Irish.

With that in mind, we have written about literally countless subjects on Ireland, including music, politics, and even my own family history.

What we’d like to know is: whats something you want to learn about Ireland? Is there something you’d like us to research, and write about this March?

Give us some feedback, drop some ideas in the comments. Consider us your personal researchers this March. We’ll do the leg work and the writing, you do the reading and suggesting.

Also don’t forget that St. Patrick’s Day is the date for our annual blog meet. It will be held at our traditional location of Celtic Grill in Bentonville, Arkansas. We have held this blogmeet for going on 7 years running, and it’s still going strong. So be sure to RSVP with us so we can meet, drink and be merry!

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So just as we thawed out last week to start blogging we got hammered again.

I finally got power back, which without it has played a serious part in being detrimental to my sanity.

Namely the blog was not being updated save for my twitter posts (which is done via my cellphone) and my school work was getting behind (almost a weeks worth).

To say the least I have been concerned.

v00d3w has not been seen in a few days but I think that is due to his work more than anything. He has been dealing with some major technical issues there and of course neither he nor I are paid for what we do, our real jobs must take priority.

All that said the latest Arctic blast seems to be behind us, and while I have seen it snow in March, fiscally speaking I hope it doesn’t happen. Missing almost 8 days of work in a 2 week period due to being trapped does not do wonders for ones credit rating or bill paying ability, and debtors don’t like to hear the words “Act of God” as your excuse I have found, for being late.

We shall skin by as always. It is after all tax time.

It is supposed to warm up substantially today, and with that sunshine brings light of hope on some other opportunities I hope to explore as well. I’m going to be at Missouri State University on February 19th if all goes well, to examine the campus and see what all is needed for my application. I have one letter of recommendation secured and I am working on a second, I am still debating who to ask for my third.

All in all the winter has been harsh, but they say the best days come after a storm so lets hope it holds true, shall we?

I should be back to my regular blogging self shortly and I look forward to chatting with you all regularly once again!

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Yes I live.

First day back to work in a week since the grand Blizzard.
And of course what happens?

Its snowing.

No internet except my cellphone most of last week. Really only got it back this weekend, and honestly spent most of that catching up on school so the blog took a backseat.

I know, I know damn priorities.

However I am hoping things will come back to normal, provided we don’t get dumped on…yet again. But it’s not looking good.

We had a good time, playing in the snow with Critter and Huck. Many adventures in driving, and I have managed to get sick yet again but I’m powering through it.

How was your adventures?

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