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Gone Fishin’

The government has lost all basis of perception regarding covering up corruption.

What’s worse is the public and media are accepting of this. They honestly believe that folks who work for someone who did the above will not interfere in an investigation? When’s the last time that happened at your job?

Totally depressing and disgusting. It’s not just inappropriate, its beyond poor decision making and blatant.

I’m going fishing for the 4th. Just tired of all the nonsense.

Keep your fireworks. I’m not sure there is much worth celebrating anymore. This government needs an enema.

Can you hear me now?

So I picked up a digital recorder for me to use when doing my dissertation. I have to interview about 20 people in order to fulfill the requirements of my research.

I thought I was being clever. I purchased a Phillips DT2700 that came with Dragon Naturally Speaking software which can be used to transcribe the recordings without a lot of effort from me.

Silly me.

The software is version 13. Which is not compatible with Vista. I found that later. I.E. after I got home. Since because you know the box actually says the software can be used with Vista.

So I had to order the software. Again. I’ll get it Friday. If I’m incredibly lucky and if the manufacturer website is not wrong this version should work.

So basically I got a $50 voice recorder for $90 which I cant take back because I have to start my interviews tomorrow.

Feels like Monday.


Rip Van DirectSong II

After E-mail Direct Song, they sent me another kindly worded but useless E-mail.

We have just received a new shipment from the manufacturer and is now awaiting a signing session by the composer. Your order is near the top of the priority list so should be sent out on this shipment. Please keep a look out in your email for a confirmation and Tracking number

It sounds really important and special.

Except that same morning I received my CD.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy I got my disks, and I’m happy too that my wife enjoys the music.

But the customer service was, as demonstrated, beyond out of touch and horrific. So much so that they might as well not be engaged at all. Were my own company to employ such a method of customer service it would be on CNN by tomorrow morning.

I won’t be doing business with them again, but at least its good to know that I didn’t send my money to some mad Nigerian General by accident.

Rip Van DirectSong

They really should have their own fairy tale, because their customer service has obviously been asleep as long as the original.

Back in November of 2012 I ordered my Bride a copy of the Skyrim game music. We both like orchestration, and the music was good. is the only place you can get it, as the company is owned by none other than the composer, and his brother.

It’s now April. And I still have not received  the CD’s.
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A Letter to America on the 4th of July

Fire works.

Pretty are they not?

A spectacular show those whom have not experienced the horrors of war. A simulation of the explosions, the roar, and the crackle of fire in the night. But Stinger missiles do not blast in shades of red white and blue, and phosphorus is a white that is blindingly bright that almost burns the eyes while it lights the night sky.

What have we become?

What have we done?

“The strength of the Constitution lies entirely in the determination of each citizen to defend it. Only if every single citizen feels duty bound to do his share in this defense are the constitutional rights secure.”
― Albert Einstein

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What a Weasel: Angry Netflix customers

We are way over due for one of these. It’s time for a good ol Registered Evil What a Weasel!

This time it’s all those angry Netflix subscribers.

A lot of folks are ticked at Netflix for raising their rate.

A lot of folks.

But seriously people. $16 bucks and your screaming?

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Re: Don’t go Fixing your Dishwasher

This is in reply to a previous post: Don’t go Fixing your Dishwasher.

Bloodspite and myself had a conversation yesterday about the phosphate content in dish washing detergent.  It started when he told me of his woes in the dirty dish land, in which he couldn’t seem to get his dishes clean via his automatic dish washer.  I told him tales of the marvelous detergent I had been using in my 22 year old dish washer.  Gave him the link in which to find this modern miracle which removed 5 day old spaghetti sauce, and dried up re-fried beans… I was even so bold as to tell him that if id didn’t work, I would refund his money personally….

Then he told me that he had tried it, and that when I opened my new box of this miracle product, I may find my self in his same situation…

He was right….

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Re-Hash: Internet Woe’s

Ok so my home Internet is still down. Fortunately I have some posting ability at work.

Here’s the scoop as it were.

For the last year I have had HughesNet. I have a download limit of 350 Meg every 24 hours. I exceed that, either via E-mail, video, downloading, or what have you and they knock me to “dial up comparable”

It was supposed to be 1.5 meg down. I never came close to seeing that speed. But I will admit what I had was better than dial up. Credit where credit is due. However the Turbo gateway constantly went down, we experienced outages in all sorts of weather, and several network related outages as well.

But this past weekend it went out. And when my Dish Network came back, the Internet didn’t.

So I called’em up, to figure out what was going on.

Right about here is where the bobsled to hell started.
They wanted to charge me $150 to come out just to find out what was wrong with my system. Seems they could not figure out what it was over the phone, and all of the fancy lights that they have in the modem wasn’t telling them anything.

I was paying almost $90 a month for the last year for this service.
In any other ISP broadband, DSL, cable, etc. folks will come out and trouble shoot your system and it is all part of the plan. I worked for AT&T and I worked on U-verse. I know how that goes. Unless the customer lit the modem on fire and used it for polo practice, we fixed it. Customer abuse versus wear and tear of faulty equipment, all understandable. Not so here.
Here we have absolute disregard for keeping a customer, just a desire to sell their equipment with a massive start up cost, a installation charge that warranties nothing and no maintenance of any form save yourself.

So after over an hour of arguing with a tech support rep who tried to tell me there was no way to test coax (It was at this point I asked for a supervisor) I was told that it didn’t matter what I did or said, the only thing HughesNet was willing to do is give me 30 days free. Which means I would still be out $50 for the repair.

By this time I confess I was hoping mad. Between being treated like an idiot (TSR: “Sir, I don’t know who you were working for before but there no way to test the integrity of Coaxial cable.” Me: “Your joking right? How do you think Cell towers work?” TSR: “Uhm……”) and finding out that absolutely none of my equipment or installation was covered in my obscene cost per month with the ridiculous amount of restrictions: I canceled the service.

I was then sent to a CSR who tried to convince me to stay with them, and who told me if i canceled I would be subjected to a $79.99 fee for disconnection. (Me: “Let me get this straight, your going to charge me $150 to send someone out here to find out whats wrong with a service that doesn’t work yet your going to charge me $79.99 to flip a switch on a service that already doesn’t work? And you have the audacity to ask me why I’m canceling my service?”)

Within 4 hours of cancelling my service I have a MiFi unit on the way from Verizon. My wife and I have had their cellular service for over ten years now, and I know from first hand experience what to expect not only from their Customer Service but also from their technical support. Having worked on their towers I know how their coverage is as well. I feel confident in this choice.

I also feel confident in knowing I’m saving about $20 a month and I don’t have that 350 meg limit looming over my shoulder like a Gorilla.

So if any of you rural folks out there are considering going to a Satellite ISP, take some time and research some other opportunities first.

BP…Nuff said…

and now some quotes from your president:

…I can’t suck it up with a straw…

…plug the damn hole…

…so I know who’s ass to kick…

Well sir, through no fault of your own, (and no help from you either), the “damn hole” is plugged.  You didn’t even try to kick anyone’s “ass”, and for the record, if you tried to “suck it up with a straw”, at least you would have contributed to the effort.

Mosque Mania: Lawsuit Looms, Republicans Retch!

Yea, I retch, and vomit, and spit at this so called “mosque”.  Why now, why in the shadow of the death of 3,000 innocent people would the city of New York allow this to go on.

I have no beef with the Muslim religion, I have no beef with most Muslim people.  I do, however have beef with Radical Islam, and Radical Muslim people.

With that said, one of the Radical Islamic people I have beef with is Imam Feisal Rauf, who has serious ties to Radical Muslim agenda.  He states in his book that America is partially to blame for 9-11, he also wants America to be more Sharia compliant, and calls for the introduction of the Sharia law system to be embedded in the United States Judiciary System.



Immediately after the Landmark Preservation Commission removed the last hurdle standing in the way of the “Ground Zero mosque,” The American Center for Law and Justice announced plans to file a lawsuit to block it on behalf of the family of a firefighter who died on 9/11. ACLJ lawyers allege that there has been “an abuse of discretion” in the Commission’s decision not to grant landmark status to the building currently on the site. The suit probably has zero chance of succeeding, but a 100% chance of keeping mosque opponents on the nightly news. These opponents include Andrea “Unhinged” Peyser, who doesn’t disappoint with her column today:

Mosque advocates claim that this exercise in religious will and real-estate acquisition was an example of a people flexing their freedom of religion. It was not… For months, mosque opponents have watched mutely as cheerleaders do everything but stick ball gags in their mouths. Where I come from, that’s called trampling upon one’s right to protest. The right to free speech? If you object to the mega-mosque, you have none… I thought people had a right to question authority. That right has been hijacked by the Ground Zero mosque.

O.K. Mayor, you of all people should realize that a “9-11 Victory Mosque” is the wrong thing to have looming in the graveyard of the innocent people that were killed on that black day, do the right thing, and take a stand for the people of New York!  Grow a pair, and use them.


Keep your damn shirt on!

OK, thats it, I am sick and tired of driving to work, and having to look at overweight, middle aged guys running down the streets of Buckhead, with skimpy shorts and NO SHIRTS ON!

If you are gonna run,




No one wants to see you with your man hair stuck to your sweaty chest!

Have some respect for your fellow man, take that crap to the run down parts of the city, you’re in Buckhead for Christs sake!

Thank you, that is all.



Capturing, and Flaring…

Well, I guess from the reports, BP is once again getting its oil from the broken oil pipe….

This is disturbing to me for one reason:  BP seems a little too worried about losing their precious oil, in lieu of actually fixing the problem.

Put a cork in the damn pipe, clean up your damn mess, THEN, and ONLY THEN drill your relief wells, and get your Blood Oil then.  No one is taking responsibility for the damage that is being done!  When I spill something on the kitchen floor, I don’t try to siphon it off the floor, I wipe it up, and call that little bit a financial loss!  The same thing should apply here.


Note: The sticker on the pump says "Contains 10% Seawater"


Thank you, That is all.


Dead Soldiers……Who Cares……

I’ll tell you who doesn’t care…..the so called “president”. 

Could he be the first president who did not attend the Memorial Day Service at Arlington?  I think so….

Even looking back at the last 2 presidents, Clinton went to all 8 services in his presidency, Bush went to 7 of the 8, and he did not attend one because he was at another ceremony in France honouring D-Day Vets.  What really amazes me, is the fact that this is his second vacation just since the oil spill….that’s 2, count them, 2 vacations in just over a month?  WTF!?  and this is only his first year in office.  To me, this is total BS, and a complete lack of respect for this great nation, and the soldiers who bravely died so that we could enjoy freedom.  Mr. President, have fun shucking your duties, and ignoring the American people.  Hell, that’s what you have been doing so far, why should this surprise us.  I hope you have a rotten, crappy, miserable vacation.  Maybe if you get food poisoning, you might have a taste of what the people of this country are feeling because of your ignorance.









General Public: = or < total morons.

I like listening to the news while I fight with traffic every morning, and this morning was no exception. 

So while listening to the traffic report, I hear this: Child Dies; Left All Day in Car.  How could this happen, you ask?  Well, I’ll tell you:  The general population seems to be lacking in intelligence more, and more each passing day.  Apparently this irresponsible mother drove to work at a school, and just forgot that her 21 month old child was strapped into the car seat.  This mother should be left strapped into a seat in a hot van until she dies.<–(this is my opinion.)

So, while I thought that was a bazaar story, think about this:  this is not the first time this has happened.  Not only has this happened before, but it has happened recently:  June, 6 2009

Investigators say Fish normally gives other children rides to school in addition to his own. But since school is out, Fish’s routine changed Thursday, causing him to forget his child was in the back of the van.

I beg to differ, that is not what made him forget, Stupidity, and irresponsibility, and a whole boat load of other descriptive terms that I don’t feel like typing, is what caused this complete moron to do this.  This baby was 7 months old!!!!

Oh, yea, I forgot about the kicker:     These were both Teachers!!!  This is the kind of people that they let teach school?  How can you be around kids all day and forget about your own!!!!!




Illegal means Illegal, Period!

Language warning applies to all Primal Redneck Urging Posts. If you are sensitive to such I suggest you quit now while your ahead. -vd


Here begins my strongly opinionated, foul mouthed rant on Illegal Immigrants:

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Theres always someone crying “racism”. *Waaaah!*

This may be a little “racy” If you are a free thinker, and aren’t scared of my opinion on the subject, then read on.  If you are afraid of being offended, then go away :)  -v00d3W

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Baby Killers…..literally….

Language warning applies to all Primal Redneck Urging Posts. If you are sensitive to such I suggest you quit now while your ahead. -vd

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Bodies of Lies.

Language warning applies to all Primal Redneck Urging Posts. If you are sensitive to such I suggest you quit now while your ahead. -BS

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