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Twitter Updates for 2011-04-29

  • RT @severewarn: Severe Thunderstorm Warning for Calhoun, Dougherty, Lee, Terrell, Turner and Worth County in GA until 9:00am EDT. #gawx #
  • Still in awe @weathermatrix: Worst tornado outbreak in 37 years: I will be updating my blog today with various stats." #
  • RT @TWCRickKnabb: One tornado is smaller than one #hurricane but the scope of this outbreak surpasses a number of past hurricane landfalls. #
  • RT @JustinRudicel: AP: Death toll climbs to 193. 14 killed in Tennessee, 8 in Virginia. Deadliest #tornado outbreak since 1974 (307 killed) #
  • Stay Alert! Stay Alive! @TWCBreaking: Still active #severe t-storm and #tornado warnings in the East right now:" #
  • RT @TORNADOHUNT: Hats off to @severestudios for excellent online weather coverage all this week. Let it be a resource for you. #
  • RT @txstormchasers: If you are looking for a loved one in Alabama, go to and click on Safe and Well. #
  • My lord… @JustinNOAA: #NOAA reported 660 severe storm reports yesterday, including 164 #tornado reports" #
  • RT Memo to #CNN Over 200 people died yesterday and you're reporting on Obama's birth certificate. This is why your news organization is… #
  • This needs to be a mantra. Include royal wed also. @txskywtchr: No one gives a crap about where the President was born this morning CNN. #
  • RT @AJinOK I hoped we'd gotten to the point where we could avoid this many fatalities from a tornado sadly we still have a lot of work to do #
  • RT Respect victims! Ask urself if info is helpful & true b4 sharing Unofficial ratings/death tolls or "cute outbreak names" are distasteful #
  • RT @IrishEagle: Major props to @twcMarkElliot @borntorunnergrl @TWCjerdman @sean_breslin and Chris D. for life-saving weather coverage! #
  • RT @ChaserCentral I have feeling most of the deaths in AL were because of infrastructure failure No internet No power No wx radio=No warning #
  • Take cover NY! @dancastner: #tornado warning Sussex, Morris, Passaic, Bergen and Orange Counties. Right now!!! #
  • RT @DavidShuster "No time for this silliness" then Obama talks w/ Oprah & heads to fundraiser Arent there any grownups on the WH comm staff? #
  • RT @WayneGrayson: The sight on University Boulevard in Alberta City is one of a refugee march." #
  • RT @jimwxgator: Just got word that the University of Alabama will be CLOSED through the weekend. #alwx quot; #
  • RT @WayneGrayson: From University Blvd. in Alberta. Devastation and walking. #
  • RT @WayneGrayson: Another shot from Alberta. Kids overlook the damage from a bridge." #
  • RT @spann: RT @txstormchasers: Page set up to locate missing documents/items from yesterday's #tornado outbreak: #alwx quot; #
  • Fuel, water shortages plague tornado struck AL. Boil notices in effect and infrastructurer badly damaged #alwx #
  • RT @WayneGrayson: Ruined home @ Alberta City" #
  • CNN interviewed a man this morning who said there were no warnings before his house was destroyed by a tornado #
  • Plz RT @JBishopwx: Can't s please stay away from Smithville,Ms Alabama locations, along with other hard hit areas. Please retweet or repost. #
  • No. @weatherninja: Am I wrong in thinking the networks seem more focused on the royal wedding than the destruction across the country? #
  • Take note! @JoCo_Emergency: Tornado Shelter Mantra: Go as low as possible and as interior as possible. Be safe! #
  • Uh oh #arwx @Region8News: #breakingnews New breech in Pocahontas Levee #
  • Flooding! @Region8News: Here is an aerial picture of BRTC taken by David Steimel." #
  • RT @KOMUnews: Getting ready for a press conference with US Army Corps of Engineers about status of Lake Wappapello./via @JessicaASmith8 ^KC #
  • RT @Region8News: Here is an aerial picture of the Black River Bridge at Black Rock taken by David Steimel. #ARWX #
  • RT @waff48: Curfew imposed in DeKalb County from 9:00 p.m. until 5:00 a.m. This will begin today and continue until further notice. #
  • RT @JBishopwx: NWS: Smithville, Ms Tornado rank a EF-4 with winds of 190mph. 13 dead with 5 still missing. #
  • RT @KATV_Weather: Read the Arkansas DemGaz Friday. There will be a story about @weatherninja storm chasing for KATV Channel 7 #ARWX #
  • RT @ChaseTheStorms I didn't think it was possible tohave this many deaths with technology and connectivity of today 'Warning apathy' kills. #
  • RT @IrishEagle: Can't believe news agencies that don't understand are asking whether there was enough advance warning. Are you kidding me?" #

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Twitter Updates for 2011-04-28

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Finger of God

Last night possibly the worst storm in 29 years rolled through the south east.

More than 200 people are dead across five southern states following what the National Weather Service is calling the deadliest wave of tornadoes since 1974.

Five southern states — Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee and Virginia — are reporting fatalities, with officials reporting at least 141 dead in Alabama and eight in Virginia.

Tornado riping through Alabama

This storm barely missed my town of Smyrna, and we were lucky.  Too many people lost their lives, and I struggle to find a reason for it.

Last night around 8:00, I started getting ready for the worst.  Mind you, I am rarely uneasy about storms, but this one seemed different.  It was just so hot and humid outside, and with a violent thunderstorm on its way, I knew this is what breeds tornado’s.  Unfortunately little else is known about why tornado’s strike with very little warning.

Fear sunk in as I watched the radar and the swirling red and yellow approaching, it was very sobering as I looked around our humble home and chose which of my valuables to save.  I packed a couple bags, of course the diaper bag for the baby with diapers and a change of clothes, milk, and juice.  Then I looked to our personal valuables.  I packed our firebox with priceless jewelry, some files, birth certs and marriage licenses, social security cards.  We took our baby’s book which had all the first memories, first hair clippings, and my computers and backup hard drive.

While looking at our bags, and got ready to start taking them down to the neighbors basement, I wondered how many by daybreak won’t even have these few things left.

Every time I hear of a storm, virtualy just wind and rain, 2 of the things that supply life, that is taking lives I have to wonder….

Why does this happen? How is it that 2 of the most important things that sustain human life kill so many people?

Bloodspite said it best when we talk of tornado’s, “They are the literal Finger of God”

I pray for the families that lost loved ones and of the families that lost their houses and businesses, nothing left to do now but to pick up the pieces and move on….


Riders of the Storm

Those of you who followed us on Twitter and FB last night know it was a long night.

If you have seen the headlines this morning,  …a very…long…night.

I got about 2 hours sleep before hitting the ground running for my real job.

Our prayers go out to the families and friends of the lost.

If you want to thank any of the guys and girls who made our little informational possible…look on the right hand side under “Riders of the Storm”.

Keeping you informed by braving dangers is what they do.

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Twitter Updates for 2011-04-27

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A long time ago my cousin of the female persuasion was staying with my first wife and I. She was, and still is a shapely lass if I may say so, and raised manu eye brows of the local boys. She still does.

I have many friends. Some with unique and otherwise alternative lifestyles. One such friend made a comment regarding her being of age and pondered to me if she wou?d be intrested in exploring said lifestyle with he and hois wife.

I never wanted to strike a friend as much as I did in that moment. I am that way with my family.

Years have passed. I have grown older, and wiser about somethings. I am still naive about others. Such is the way of the world I reckon.

In my orientation at my new employer I made the aquaintance of a gentlemen, let’s call him Mike. While Mike has no alternative lifestyle he is somewhat viewed with warisome eyes by some.

He is Iranian.

He has long been from his homeland, years since he has seen its earth as it were. He left at a young age, moving to Spain, then Canada, finally setteling here barely 2 years ago.

My Arabic is rusty. How rusty was soon made evident after I greeted him formally. To his credit he laughed and corrected by enunciation, and he has continued to do so since.

A student of Christian theology, he does not follow the Quran. He has little interest in politics, he is content to raise his family here in the land of the free.

We have struck up a regular luncheon. Each day we meet and talk of our jobs and general social matters.

Working in IT we have a large number of Hindus whom regard us with suspicion, a caucasian and Iranian conversing in mixmash of English and Arabic.

I have in the years aquired another close friend who does follow the Quran. He views extremists as being as hard as a Catholic sect whom is reknowned for self mutilation in their piety. Both misinterpret their religions in his eyes.

The point of all this being as I lay down last night was a thought that permeated my brain, keeping me awake most of the evening.

People hate without reason.

There is evil out there, of that I have no doubt. I have seen it myself. And there are those whom would change thr very definition of it given chance and time.

Diversity is here to stay. Better to understand, comprehend and embrace change versus fight the inevitable.

As for me I prefer to with hold my judgement on people until I learn more. Act as needed. Learn first.

Wether an act of maturity, education or of naiviety remains to be seen.

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Twitter Updates for 2011-04-26

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Twitter Updates for 2011-04-25

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Twitter Updates for 2011-04-24

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Twitter Updates for 2011-04-23

  • RT The MDT Risk is mainly for large HAIL threat, however a 10% tornado risk has been added for N AR, SE MO, S IL: #
  • More data @wxbrad: Moderate risk upgrade coming for OK,AR,MO #weather #
  • Rt @TexasChaser: Tornado warned storm just east of Oklahoma City. #
  • RT @JimCantore Storms now producing tornadoes in KY, MO, and OK. Join us on TWC for complete coverage. #tornado quot; #
  • RT @SvrWxChaser: Just had a funnel to the NE of Pauls Valley, OK on my stream: Moving to get a better look. #okwx quot; #
  • Local chaser @KDRMedia: Brian DePriest is streaming LIVE in MO as warned cells come through his area #mowx #severe #
  • From Benton County @BCDailyRecord: Hail still falling. Getting heavier and larger. #
  • Incoming @AJinOK: on a strongly rotating storm… sirens going off in byars, ok. #
  • RT @KDRMedia: James Hilger is experiencing some heavy rain as he punches a core in AR #arwx #tornado #severe #
  • Hopefully stays that way @BCDailyRecord: Hail over, rain slacking off and sky getting brighter." #
  • Or not @WeatherRick: overall it appears the storm is weakening as it moves toward Bentonville. Weak and brief tornado touchdown is possilbe #
  • Chasers @severestudios: Bret, John, Matthew, and Denton all streaming LIVE from a tornado warned storm in northwest ARK: #
  • Wall cloud in NWA @KATV_Weather: Watch the wall cloud here LIVE #ARWX #
  • Well, so much for hope @arkansasweather: Golfball sized hail has been reported in Bentonville. #arwx #
  • That's 5 miles from me @arkansasweather: A funnel cloud has been sighted at mile marker 88 on I-540 in the Rogers/Bentonville area. #arwx #
  • RT "@WeatherRick: 2" hail reported in Centerton at 7:10pm" #
  • RT @spotternetwork: 07:44PM CDT Tor<-Spotr 3 miles W of Byars, OK-Large Tornado on the ground 2 E – Violent motion.. #
  • RT @twcMarkElliot: All TVs in busch stadium just directed people to shelter. Tornado headed to N. suburbs of St. Louis #
  • RT @Ryan_WTOL: Jesse Risley has a possible wall cloud (maybe more?) on his live cam: @JimCantore #wx #stlouis #
  • Rt Developing: All windows in Lambert Field's Airport main terminal have blown away in St. Louis, MO with extensive roof damage #

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Twitter Updates for 2011-04-22

  • High winds, thunder rain and scattered hail in #nwar currently #

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Human Wheels

Been a loooong week.
And here it is good Friday all ready.

The week has gone well. It’s also been a excellent learning experience. Folks from my old employer are contacting me, asking to use me as a reference which I will gladly oblige.

My old job was good in many ways and nightmarish in others. The biggest issue however was the complete lack of basic human understanding. The implied desire of implicit servitude they seemed to want out of their staff.

My new job? Not so much. My hours are my own as long as I do at least 9 of them.

The biggest challenge for me right now is trying to find a pace, a rhythm, to keep up with everything. Work, school, family and this site mainly.

Done a lousy job of keeping it up dated this week, and V00d3w is also buried it seems I have not spoken to him recently either.

Anyone want a job blogging?

All said and told the new job has been spectacular. I have a gym membership now, so perhaps I can knock a few pounds off the old waistline.

And I’ve went a entire week on a tank of gas. Something that I did in 2 days with the old job.

I’m hoping good thinks are on the horizon. I just have to keep it all in perspective

Twitter Updates for 2011-04-20

  • Getting some fluctuating wind speeds and slight thunder in SW Missouri near AR line #
  • RT @TWCBreaking Supercell that produced golf ball size hail in Fayetteville, AR now spawning a psbl tornado. Map: #

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Like a Sparrow in a Hurricane

My daughter loves all things great and small.

Countless zoo’s, walks in the woods, instead of kiddie movies she gets Imax video’s on nature, underwater exploration, and endangered species.

We’ve tried to make learning something fun, basically.

As such she loves nature, and has a deep fondness for animals especially.

Unfortunately there are some lessons she is learning that are hard for her to understand.
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Twitter Updates for 2011-04-16

  • Last Day before 5 days of Radio silence. Shall we live it up some day Tweeps? #
  • 4 Dead in Arkansas. Can't blame SPC directly, but those warnings should have been more timely last night #disgusted Storm was already in MO. #
  • Last night's storms will likely bring out storm-chasing con artists. Tips to avoid them: #
  • Storm Cell that struck Clinton, MS moving towards Tuscaloosa, AL Be advised and start your preparations now! #
  • **Very Dangerous Tornado Outbreak Continues To Unfold in Mississippi and Alabama*** #
  • Storms Claim 6 during the night – #
  • GA Tweeps start gearing up. This storm is a freight train and it doesn't seem to care whats in its way. Stay Alert, Stay Alive! #
  • And thats it for me folks. This channel going silent for a few days while I change jobs. Hope to be on sporadically. Stay safe!! #

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Twitter Updates for 2011-04-15

  • Uhh.. @Heminator: How to commemorate the royal wedding if you need a new refrigerator and are insane. #
  • Looking like a fun night tonight! Catch the play by play from some of the best Storm chasers in America via my "Weather" list! #
  • Keep your weather radio's nearby Midwesterners, and stay tuned to your news channels. Could be a "blustery" night. #
  • Winds picking up here on the NW Arkansas/Missouri border #
  • Seeing reports of a confirmed tornado near Stonewall, OK
    Tornado Warning for Phillips County in KS until 6:00pm CDT #
  • Sky darkening here. Light wind gusts. Sun is blocked but nothing sunbtantial as of yet #
  • Hi Rez Radar shot courtesy of TWC showing incoming storm system #
  • NWA & SW MO pay attention to this storm. Plenty of advanced warning. Get your shelters ready, and be prepared. You may need it tonight #
  • Radio, Flashlight, water, charged cellphone, space blankets are all items that should be in your shelter. Stay Alert, Stay Alive! #
  • Take cover @svrwxtweets: Update on #Tulsa area severe weather. #Sapulpa #Jenks SW Tulsa take shelter now. #
  • You've heard the joke about the Bomb tech running? This is a storm chaser. And he's not joking. #
  • Tornado sirens going off around the Tulsa metro. Current radar image: #
  • AR Skywarn will be activated sometime after 7:30. You can listen live on the right side of the AR Weather Blog. #ARWX #
  • South Metro Tulsa area take cover now. Strong rotation coming thru per TWC #
  • Seven super cell thunderstorms lined up along Highway 75 in Oklahoma. Still at least two hours away from Northwest Arkansas. #
  • National Weather Service in Tulsa sees a wall cloud over sw Tulsa from their office. No tornado sighted at this time. #
  • Tornado reported 2 miles north Madill, Okla. (east of Ardmore) with debris. Radar of the area: #
  • Clock is ticking NWA/SWMO Pay attention to the skies, get ready. Looks to be a long night #
  • Streaming live at 6:30 #ARWX #
  • Per NWS Tulsa: Environment increasingly favorable for tornadoes in SE OK, possibly strong and long-lived. Radar: #
  • Tishmingo oklahoma tornado on the ground. And grapefruit size hail likely #
  • Dangerous storm SW of McAlester, Okla. Very strong rotation headed through S Pittsburgh Co., Okla. Radar/warn: #
  • 7 tornado's currently reported on the ground in Oklahoma #
  • Awesome photo of wall cloud over SW Tulsa earlier when radar indicated a strong circulation:
    #weather #tornado #
  • Awesome photo of wall cloud over SW Tulsa earlier when radar indicated a strong circulation: #weather #tornado #
  • Blasted Twitter double posting for me. Yesh. State of the art my…. #
  • 4.25 inch Hail being reported in Oklahoma currently #
  • New data is in and the cap is about a thick as your fingernail! I believe that the cap will break quickly later on.. #
  • Taking a break. Last minute preparations for myself #
  • Monster supercell moving east through SE Oklahoma if it holds together could affect Scott & Sebastian Counties in AR in about an hour #arwx #
  • Just to get a good idea the size of this storm #
  • RT @severestudios Rotation near Atoka OK has INCREASED Probly strongest tornado signature on radar so fr today Cant stress it enough 4 Atoka #
  • Over 200 Storm Chasers, Meteorologists, and severe weather geeks all on one list:!/list/BloodSpite/weather-4 #
  • Confirmed report: Large, violent tornado near Tushka, OK. This is the Atoka, OK area previously talked about!” #
  • Report of a large tornado near Atoka, Oklahoma. Radar image of the area: #
  • Mother Nature seems intent on reenacting the Belfast Blitz on its anniversary….in the Midwest of the US #
  • Folks in West Central Arkansas keep a close eye to the sky over the next 6 hours. Mena I know that is the last thing you want to hear. #arwx #
  • Can't believe storm cell crossing at Ft Smith and Benton is only one issuing warning. Dumbfounded They not seeing same radar rest of us are? #
  • Large wall cloud on stream now! Just west of Wagner, Oklahoma. #okwx #
  • Lots of thunder. No rain. Slight winds on Missouri Arkansas line here #
  • Winds increasing. Storm radio finally going off. Still no rain. Some thunder. #
  • That's me in shelter @WeatherRick: Tornado is now well in Missouri and headed toward Jane, Missouri. #mowx #
  • The ? We all ask @WeatherRick: Why no watches in NWA? They are getting ready to issue one for this area. #
  • Sad. Ppl in danger @KATV_Weather: The most anticipated tornado watch in AR weather history #ARWx #
  • Extended from 2100 tornado on ground near pinevile @severewarn: Tornado Warning for McDonald and Newton County in MO until 9:45pm CDT. #mowx #
  • Please tell this to the SPC @AR_Emergencies: Being informed during #arwx is also knowing what is headed ur way. #
  • Movement @iembot_spc: #SPC WW 136 TORNADO AR MO OK TX 150210Z – 150900Z #
  • Yesh talk about red tape delay @ryanvaughan: And there is the Arkansas Tornado Watch #ARWX #
  • Overdue but better late than never @AR_Emergencies: Tornado watches issued for a large portion of Ark. #arwx #
  • Keep yer eyes peeled RT @KATV_Weather: Tornado watch for most of the state… graphically #ARWX #
  • Out of the shelter. High wind gusts minimal rain. Lots of lightning. Report of tornado to my NW in Pineville, MO. Storm moved past me seems #
  • This is why folks need to pay attention @JimCantore: Red Cross Confirmed 1 Dead 3 Critical Down by Tushka, OK #Tornado #severe #OKwx #
  • Rt @AR_Emergencies: RT @KATV_Weather: People in Arkoma, Fort Smith and Van Buren need to take cover now. #ARWX quot; #
  • Winds def picking up here in SWMO compared to earlier #

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Storms Claim 6 during the night

The Atoka, OK Tornado

Six people lost their lives last night. UPDATE: 7 reported. 5 for Arkansas.

Severe weather is a funny thing. It can roll in like a beast and swamp you before you have a chance to act. That wasn’t the case last night.

People were joking last night about the amount of notice we had about the storms.

But the kicker comes when the Storm Prediction Center was not issuing watches for the State of Arkansas. Countless meteorologists and storm chasers, as well as armchair weather geeks like myself were asking the same question last night:

Where. are. the. watches.? Where?

When the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) of the NOAA declares a Watch it is a pretty substantial action. The whole intention of the watch process being ran by the SPC is because of the sheer area they can monitor and cover, versus the more locally driven National Weather Service (NWS) which relies on local information and local announcements.

Can I say that those folks were placed in harms way due to a lack of action by the SPC?

Not directly. but what I can say is it has been proven, by the SPC’s own reports, that early warnings and watches save lives.

And last night that did not happen. By the time the SPC issued the watch for Arkansas there was already a report of a tornado on the ground due North in Missouri that came right across the Bentonville, Bella Vista area. Fortunately in Missouri we had our watches easily a full 45 minutes before it hit.

No matter how you cut it, last night was inexcusable.

Quote of the Day, April 15, 2011: TGIF/Last Day Edition

It’s TGIF ladies and gentlemen,

It’s also my last day at my current job.
Between the new job, surviving the deadly storms of last night, and just maybe a little something new to blog about, inspired by several storm-chasers and other NOAA Spotters I have networked with via Twitter, this is a good thing. A New dawn so to speak.

Lets celebrate shall we?

Change, when it comes, cracks everything open.

Dorothy Allison

Radio Intercepts

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