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The New American Caste System

Illegal Immigrants protesting in Arizona

Illegal Immigrants protesting in Arizona

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Allow me to welcome you to the new American Caste System!

Funded by our tax dollars, our soldiers blood and fueled by a leadership class who looks down its noses at our wishes, desires, and ideology.

Fear for your families safety? The Administration does not care.

Fear for your country? The Administration does not care.

Fear for your rights? The Administration does not care.

Fear for our countries Economics? The Administration does not care.

Fear of our countries debt, for your children’s sake? The Administration does not care.

Fear for the laws that you, by Constitutional right have passed, along with your fellow citizens?

The Administration does. Not. Care.

You see, it has become a war my friends. A war not of bullets, of mortars, or guns, or even of words.

But of votes.

How you ask? Read On

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Illegal means Illegal, Period!

Language warning applies to all Primal Redneck Urging Posts. If you are sensitive to such I suggest you quit now while your ahead. -vd


Here begins my strongly opinionated, foul mouthed rant on Illegal Immigrants:

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IT’S LAW! Kudo’s to Arizona

A Huge congratulations go to the state of Arizona for being the first to take a monster step forward in the fight against illegal immigration.

This is so far over due it is not even worth discussing. The Federal Government has decided to ignore this issue.  They have been ignoring this issue for over a decade through both Presidencies. Meanwhile they criticize states for taking action, try to stone wall states from protecting their citizens all the while undermining states sovereignty by eroding our states 10th Amendment rights with actions like Health Care Reform.

This isn’t just a shot across the bow to The Fed, it’s a H&I round to their lines. They will have to take action now, and I strongly advise you to watch carefully:

  • Either A they will take action and begin securing the border all the while saying states need take no further action and renouncing Arizona’s law
  • Or B they will attack Arizona’s law. They will lambaste it as unconstitutional, they will investigate, call hearings and order investigations. All the while our Southern borders will remain untouched.

There is a third option as well, however

They’ll fight for amnesty so that anyone who enters this country is automatically a citizen, and all of you poor Americans who are unemployed?

You will now have to fight twice as many people who are also unemployed and who will work for less than half what you have been making in the middle of the horrid national economic crisis for a job.

Think about it.

Missouri Lawmakers? Whats your response?
Update:Digger sounds off on the headline as well!

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