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Bring the Rain

Those who know me, know

Those who know me, know

Its been a busy damn day. Did I manage to put that in the title? I did didn’t I.

After FB killed my account I had to improvise (If you need to know what my pseudonym was let me know, I’ll clear it up). Time to kick the mothballs off this place and give it a tune up.

So I got the website all updated. Got all the Analytic and other gibberish reconnected. Deleted a bunch of old garbage. Got twitter linked in to it (did I mention I have a Twitter account? You can reach me there as well)

Got some of the pages cleaned up. I decided that I wanted to keep what has been my Irish/March theme for many years as my permanent theme. The old red theme was good, and quasi-Victorian but under that theme the site had lain stagnant for a long time. It was time for a change and regrowth. So I swapped it all to the one you see now. Kind of symbolizes regrowth and new beginnings per se.

I’ve also chosen to not delete the blogroll. I know many of the links are dead. I don’t care. Let it stand in testament to what once, what could be, and what one day may be. If nothing else its a good measuring stick by how many of us are still doing this. Me? I’ve been doing this crap off and on since 1995. Not the oldest blogger, but damn near one of the oldest web writers.

V00d3w says he may be returning as well which should be cool. I just need to get a good Windows app for my phone so I can share lots of pictures of booze with all of you  as I adventure across the country.

Great thing about being on the website versus Facebook or some other 3rd party system is now we don’t have to pull any punches. With the exception of my employer, we can basically lay waste to anything and one out there with introspective, story telling and research.

I’ve managed to do more posting today than I have in a year. Gotten more comments in a day than I have in a year.

So tell your friends where I am. Let them know that the rumors of my demise are greatly exaggerated.

It’s time to get away from the censorship and Cat Meme’s of Facebook (I mean an occasional one is fine but my god, I felt like I had fleas half the damn time).

Lets see where this crazy train takes us

Its time to bring the rain!


The Last Confederate Surrender

I wrote this just before my wedding. June 12, 2004 at our sister site of I’m republishing it here both for posterity, and because this weekend is my wife and I’s eight year anniversary. I look back now and I can see a visible difference in my writing. I can also see a difference in myself. That’s for another time, however. Bear in mind this was written several years ago so the phrasing is appropriate. I did not post that weekend. I will not be posting this one. Somethings are worth celebrating privately. -BS

Me, Circa 2004 taken by one of my best friend (and best mans) wife during our wedding.


History tells us that that June 23, 1865 was the date the last Confederate General Surrendered his command.

I”m afraid its just not so.

The real date is June 12, 2004.

Thats the date I surrender (I”m a former 18th Georgia Infantry Re-enactor) my freedom to a Northern born individual, a former Union Re-enactor for the 155th Irish of Western New York.

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Cats in the Cradle

This isn’t really a Fathers day post. But in many ways it is. I wrote it originally in October of 2010. The more I go over it and see the relationship between my own father, and his father to me I am forced to think that despite the undertone…maybe it is about Fathers Day after all.

When your coming home Dad, I don’t know when
But we’ll get together then yea
You know we’ll have a good time then…

My Dad and I hold this song between us. Its a bit of a testament to when he was in the Navy and gone for months at a time. Before Facebook. Before Skype. Before E-mail. Before cellphones. Deployments on a Aircraft Carrier could keep him gone most of a year with little to no communication save letters via the ever so slow US postal service.

I got a lot of E-mails and Facebook comments with my rendition of Glory to Georgia. Couple of folks didn’t know I played.

I don’t…play well that is. I have a bad habit of repeating rifts over and over especially if I am singing.

My Dad, the man who taught me? He plays and does so semi professionally. If you like bluegrass you can see him on youtube as well.

But music has always been our bond.
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Out for St. Patrick’s Day

V00d3w has the helm around here for today and tomorrow

As for Me? I’m out of here. Feel free to join me

See you cats on Monday!

Click the image for your own printable version!

Door hanger courtesy of Matty O’Blackfive

PSA: Transcendental

Got some changes coming round here.

We are in the last week of our Irish dedication, and I hope you have enjoyed our stories of Ireland, as well as the music and quotes from the country as well.

The big change is up in the air. We ask that you cross your fingers. It is something I, at least, have been striving for a very long time to gain a footing within. Because of this, there is a high possibility that our blogging may experience a transition in the near future. Some things are happening in my career that may make blogging either more common, or regular. Currently I try to have posts up by no later than 9 am. That time may shift to extremely early, or conversely extremely late.

However while the transition takes place we may go a few days without a post. We are not quitting. Careers just take precedence you know?

Otherwise continue to expect your College Sports coverage, political analysis, cigar reviews and other material of eclectic interest you have come to know and love.

6th Annual St Patrick’s Day Blog Bash

Yes Folks. It is indeed that time again.

Feel Free to use this image and link back to this post!

Those of you new around here may recall the annual Techography St. Patrick’s Day Blog Bash. The more recent may have attended last years Bash.

This marks the 6th year we have held it, and even though I’m not technically with Techography anymore we are still affiliated. Thusly since I am the host we’re still counting those days.

Effectively it’s my party and I can count it if I want too by gawd.

The last few years have gotten us more folks however and I’m looking forward to this year.

As is the usual we will be holding our Blog Bash at The Celtic Grill in Bentonville, AR that “bastion of Ireland” in Arkansas.

While Bentonville may not be home to a high Irish population, the Grill is without a doubt the most authentic location in the region and it’s typically home to at least one real Irishman, two or three times a month or more (namely yours truly).

Every St Patrick’s Day said Irishman brings a whole bunch of his web reading/writing buddies as well as friends for a night of cold Guinness, Irish Stew, and Reuben Sandwiches.

We hope to see ya there! Party starts when we show up. If you need my contact information drop me a comment here, using your E-mail address and I will contact you with my own information. I also typically give a description of our clothing so you have an idea who to look for. We even manage to give our trinkets for your attending from necklaces to autographed hats.

I have that day off so I will be there early, however as 90% of the time it’s standing room early we’ll try to get a table.

As added incentive true early birds will get one of my signature Erin Go Bragh cigars to smoke with your truly as well!

IM’s from the Edge March 2, 2011

Welcome to our irregular annual post of nonsense.

In this case we take IM’s that had been carried on between staff, readers and friends and posted them.

Here’s today’s random moment
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Evil Store Updated

Our Cafe Press Store has been updated!

The new image, as promised is now available on a line of new items!

We now have accessories for your I Phone, and your I pad! New T shirts, Polo Shirts, Golf Shirts and other items.

If you don’t see something you like, or you do but you want something different on it Let us know! Got a suggestion for a image for us to use? Tell us!

Comment here or drop us a E-mail! staff -at-

I got mine:

Evil Items in use!

Brain Radio – 1-4-11 – F*** the new year edition :)

Have you ever gotten a song stuck in your head? You keep singing it in your mind or softly to yourself, all day, and can’t get it to stop?  Well, my friends, that’s your Brain Radio….

This is for my buddy Bloodspite – not havin a good start to the new year  :)

Type O Negative – We Hate Everyone

Type O Negative – We Hate Everyone found on Hardcore



Not Dead Yet

Yeah I know we have not posted much original material around here lately.

I promise I’m working on it. I have several items of conversation I’m researching for posts.

Such as a Homegrown Christmas story. Thoughts on the latest immigration and tax debacle. And a historical piece regarding Christmas on the Eastern Front. I have no idea what v00d3w has on the burner, I need to kick him out from under his rock. He’s been working from home lately, and I think it’s made him lazy :)

Unfortunately between in-laws being home during Thanksgiving, prepping for Christmas, Finals in College, my Boss going away for the remainder of the year, and our Holiday work load in the logistics industry spare time is something I have precious little of as of late.

I’m going to do my damnedest to get one of the aforementioned pieces finished over the weekend if I can.

Meanwhile do keep hanging around and keeping up with us.

We ain’t dead yet!

The Hornet’s Nest

The Armorer was kind enough to do a post on my Uncle. Which in turn led me to thinking about stories involving him, which are numerous.

One of the better ones, at my expense, I posted there. Because I’m lacking in creativity currently and still tired quite frankly I figured I’d repost it here.

My Father and uncle spotted a hornets nest on a tree limb that looked abandoned while we were riding on the back of the Stover Mtn.

My Uncle thwapped it solidly with a stick and pronounced it empty. He cut down the hornets nest, and promptly chucked it in to the backseat with me.

I must now deviate and explain a few things. First it’s February, and we are in a 1968 Volkswagen cut down for off-roading. Being the youngest I was assigned to the backseat.

So here I sit, with my feet practically in my pockets, and with a hornets nest in my lap.

Off we go back down the mountain when it starts: The buzzing.

I am convinced the damn thing is full of hornets. The buzzing continues. I casually mention the fact that I have no desire to be eaten alive by a horde of angry hornets. My father tells me he has little doubt in my ability to escape them should their be any inside.

The buzzing continues.

My Uncle Charlie mentions that maybe the heat in the Volkswagen might be stirring them up. I stare at him in what I presume to be horror. He shrugs and nonchalantly says “They hibernate in winter and I may not have thwacked them good enough with the stick. Could be full of them.”

I am near panic.
I stare at the nest on my lap, as the buzzing continues.
Then out of nowhere a single hornet lands on my jacket arm that is outstretched to hold the “oh-shit!” handles in the back.

I screamed like a 12 year old girl and proceeded to climb over my Uncle and practically out the window of the moving car.

If you have ever ridden in the backseat of a 60’s model VW you know what this had to entail

My father screeches it to a halt, by which point I complete my Dukes of Hazard-esque escape and land on the grounding rolling in the late snow and mud while smacking at myself for all I was worth with my hat as if I were on fire when I hear something else.

I look up to see both my father and my Uncle laughing absolutely hysterically.

An expert game caller, Charlie had been making the buzzing sound. And he had picked up the hornet, along with several others, off the ground when he cut down the nest. He threw the batch at me and the one had landed on my arm while I was staring at the nest in rapt attention thinking I was going to be eaten alive.

He’d sprayed the nest with Raid 2 days earlier, which is how they knew where it was and felt certain it was empty.

I had been, most effectively, had.

Internet Woes and Birthday Parties

So HughesNet managed to really piss me off. My internet went out in the winter blast we had this past week.

My Dish came back. My Internet did not. After arguing with a guy who could not speak English I was told that a technician would call me in 3 to 5 days to set up a appointment and they would charge me $150 for the visit.

After I picked me jaw off the floor I cancelled the service.

So this the first time doing a full scale post with my Droid phone. I have signed up for the Verizon MiFi system. Will be a day or three until it gets here. Until then v00d3w has the helm.

Once I have internet again I’ll give a much more detailed telling of the debacle.

Meanwhile Happy Birthday today to my Critter!!

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Quote of the Day November 11th, 2010: Veterans Day

Only the Dead have seen the end of war


“I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.”

-General Dwight D. Eisenhower

“War is delightful to those who have had no experience of it. “

- Desiderius Erasmus

Americas Army :Just like the Xbox…except you die.”


“The art of war is, in the last result, the art of keeping one’s freedom of action”

- Xenophon

Already Home: Valour-IT & Soldiers Angels in need

They are coming home folks.
They are every bit the men and women they were when they left, but some have scars. Some deeper than others. Some more permanent.

Soldiers Angels and Valour IT can and does help.

You can to. Your donation will them supply a Voice Activated laptop to those troops whom are injured to the point they can not type an E-mail or dial a phone.

Go to our auction site if you wish something to be given to you in return.

Go to our direct donation page if you don’t.

It doesn’t have to be a fortune. Anything and everything helps.

And the cause is worth while.

My tribute, and yes that is me once again

Valour IT – Opening Salvo: Team Army!

We here at ®Evil are answering the call: Team Army naturally.

Pick up Your Weapon and Follow me!

We have been helping the VALOUR-IT team every since its inception. We are proud to once again offer up our services, as well as our pride to assist them once again! Be ready for madness.

At ®Evil this isn’t a Fundraiser. This is a FunRaiser. Get ready folks it’s gonna be one helluva ride!

From Blackfive:

Project Valour-IT began when Captain Charles “Chuck” Ziegenfuss was wounded by an IED while serving as commander of a tank company in Iraq in June 2005.

During his deployment he kept a blog (an online personal diary, opinion forum, or news analysis site-called a milblog or military weblog when written by a service member or about military subjects). Captivating writing, insightful stories of his experiences, and his self-deprecating humor won him many loyal readers. After he was wounded, his wife continued his blog, keeping his readers informed of his condition.

As he began to recover, CPT Ziegenfuss wanted to return to writing his blog, but serious hand injuries hampered his typing. When a loyal and generous reader gave him a copy of the Dragon Naturally Speaking Preferred software, other readers began to realize how important such software could be to CPT Ziegenfuss’ fellow wounded soldiers and started cast about for a way to get it to them.

“At that time I had no use of either hand. I know how humbling it is, how humiliating it feels. And I know how much better I felt, how amazingly more functional I felt, after Soldiers’ Angels provided me with a laptop and a loyal reader provided me with the software. I can’t wait to do the same, to give that feeling to another soldier at Walter Reed.” – Captain Chuck Ziegenfuss at TC Override (wounded in Iraq)

Project Valour-IT, in memory of SFC William V. Ziegenfuss (Captain Chuck Ziegenfuss’ father), provides voice-controlled software and laptop computers to wounded Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines recovering from hand and arm injuries, amputations, eye or brain injuries, at major military medical centers. Operating laptops by speaking into a microphone, our wounded heroes are able to send and receive messages from friends and loved ones, surf the ‘Net, and communicate with buddies still in the field without having to press a key or move a mouse.

Folks, I’ve witnessed several wounded soldiers set up their laptops only to email or Skype their friends and comrades in the war zone to let them know that they are okay. Keeping them in communication with loved ones increases the possibility of a successful recovery exponentially.


In order to fund the thousands of laptops we have distributed and need to distribute, we have an annual competition.

Valour-IT’s online fundraising competition begins today! Let’s see who can raise the most money to help reconnect our wounded warriors with the world!

  • WHAT: Friendly fundraising competition for Valour-IT.WHEN: October 28th through Veterans Day, November 11th . WHERE: Based in the blogosphere, spreading everywhere else.
  • WHY: Because giving wounded warriors with hand and arm injuries access to a computer supports their healing and puts them back in touch with the world.
  • HOW: Blogger teams will be divided along military branches, with civilians “up for grabs.”

You have been a part of our community in one way or another. THANK YOU!

We need you to simply blog and email regularly about Valour-IT and the competition with links to the Team Army donation page. Tell your friends, family and neighbors about Valour-IT. We’ll be providing media, links, and talking points for your Tweets, Facebook posts and blog posts, etc.

The competition is military branch specific and we’ve been drafted for TEAM ARMY.

Thanks for all of your support!


Soldiers’ Angels is a volunteer-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit with hundreds of thousands of volunteers providing aid and comfort to the men and women of the United States Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, veterans and their families (Tax ID# 20-058-3451).

Tennessee vs Georgia: I Lost The Bet

My dignity shredded.
My ego lie in tatters.
I have been splattered across the Internet for the world to point and cackle at.

My only hope is that my perverse brand of sarcasm managed to salvage a moral victory from my destruction.
Which given my bizarre inclinations…… it probably didn’t.

A lesson dear friends, in gambling with people you consider close: It just ain’t worth it.

Here is the proof of my transgressions, as I am a man of Honor. Unfortunately, that is all I have left after this little charade.

General Neyland, be merciful when I get there sir.

In other news, I’m betting V00d3w didn’t think I’d have the balls to do it :)

Now if you will excuse me, I consider this good grounds to finish my last bottle of Green Spot.

Want to sing along?
Here are my “modified” lyrics…
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IM’s from the Edge: October 11th

Welcome to our irregular annual post of nonsense.

For a long time at Techography we ran a segment called IM’s From the Edge. A Play on the movie Postcards from the Edge.

In that case we took IM’s that had been carried on between staff, readers and friends and posted them.

Here’s today’s random moment

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History in the Making: Dog Fight.

104 years.

That’s how long it’s been since these two former SEC Goliath’s have faced each other with both teams holding losing records. The last time was in 1906.

v00d3w and I struggled to decide what to call this week. We settled on Civil War. Not only because he and I are rooting for the opposing teams, but because Derrick Dooley, the current Tennessee football coach, is the son of Legendary Georgia coach Vince Dooley.
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Radio Intercepts

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