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State of the Union Address

I didn’t watch it. As I noted at the Castle I did read it however. Right Wing News meanwhile has a nice rundown of others reactions.

That said I think my thoughts were best summed already by another writer, and very well:

“They say, ‘What’s your show about?’ I say, ‘Nothing.'”- Jerry Seinfeld

I was reminded of the Seinfeldian idea, the show about nothing, as I listened to the State of the Union. Don’t get me wrong, President Obama said a lot, and some of the things he said I enjoyed hearing, but ultimately it was a speech about nothing. — Karol Markowicz

Much Ado about nothing indeed.

Holidays Round Up

So a Lot of bloggers had some great Holiday posts up this past week, and in to this week.

With 2011 peeping around the corner I thought I’d round up some of my blogger friends, and personal favorites from the last week or so:

CWBill had a good one for the Denizens crowd

Harvey has a Wal Mart story

Grim hosts the Feast of Stephen…..and Snow

Serenity plays with her Christmas toys

Eric has been snowed in

Lex addresses right to life. Not ironic, or unfitting given the time of year.

Doc Russia posts regarding how a Russian met American muscle.

Teresa’s geekiness took over

Laughing Wolf and the Blackfive platoon have some tips on Holiday giving as well as suggestions

My home away from here, Rocky Top Talk, is going over the upcoming Vols versus Tarheels Bowl game

SarahK discusses the wonders and tribulations of new found motherhood

John D requests lawyers and money.

Grau presents the wonder of Liver Dumplings…just like grandma used to make. Well…maybe his grandma.

T1G and Zman request glasses from Santa. Hey dude I’ve been stuck with them for years.

Anyone I missed? Add yours here! Track-back to your hearts content and I’ll update the links, or leave it in the comments. Either way hope you had a good holiday, and from all of us here at Registered Evil, have a Happy New Year!

This image, without the Happy New Year part, will be available in our Cafe Press shop the first of the year!

They say its his Birthday!

Today is apparently The Armorer’s Natal Day

So in honor of He of the Large guns and Margarita’s:

1st Field Artillery Brigade, 1st Division , Reinhausen Germany 1919

Hi Rez for ya’ll here!

Radio Intercepts

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